Step daughter slutty hoe

I have fantasies of my girlfriend's daughter. Too many times I get a hard-on just looking at her. At times it is next to impossible not to stare. Bathing suits, nighties, and bralessness are some of the harder times; no pun intended. I have gotten worse to the point I think stick around for the daughter more than her mom. I've even convinced my girlfriend I cannot sleep in the bed sometimes and the couch is better. I quietly go to and lie on the couch in hopes I can here here the daughter masturbate. I have only heard her a few times, but it was good enough to make me want more. So much more. I think of her while I pound her mother.

1 month ago

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    • I am for real and have the pics to prove it

    • What pics? The ones you copied off the internet.

    • She means ontologically

    • Every man in this sitch thinks of the daughter while he fucks the mom! Every. One. Young daughters make every man in history hard. It's biology. And you know she's checking out your bulge, teasing you...

    • So true

    • Incest is common and healthy. There are numerous examples of incest in the Bible. The most commonly thought-of examples are the sons/daughters of Adam and Eve (Genesis 4), Abraham marrying his half-sister Sarah (Genesis 20:12), Lot and his daughters (Genesis 19), Moses’ father Amram who married his aunt Jochebed (Exodus 6:20), and David’s son Amnon with his half-sister Tamar (2 Samuel 13).

    • Another fake step daughter fantasy. A sick fuck like you don't have wife never mind a step daughter. Stop writing this fake shit.

    • I know that MY hot slutty teen stepdaughter would disagree with you. She would, but she’s busy with her post-coital shower.

    • As I said you don't have a wife or girlfriend so no step daughter. You are all talk no action loser!

    • She’s got a belly full of my hot cum

    • Only in your mind! That all you got is one sick mind!

    • At least I have a mind. All you have is the empty void of your existence and some stolen fentanyl

    • It is all in your sick mind. Even in your replies. You have no idea who I am or my gender.

    • You're a lonely 58-yo nurse who used to suck my cock at a truck stop

    • Guess again asshole!

    • Now you’re going to tell me you’ve been married 30 years!
      (Not much of an accomplishment when the only things your wife says are “let’s get it over with” and “is it in yet?” and “good, we’re done now” but at least she’s getting plenty on the side.)

    • I put a bag on her head still fucked her tho

    • Do you think she masturbates to you? you should show your bulge to see if there's interest

    • Yeah why do you think she struts around in that short little nightie? I know why my step-daughter does! You should see the way that junior miss eats a popsicle in front of me!

    • Hot

    • To see how perverted you can get. She see's your response to her and her and her friends sit and laugh at your old ass.

    • Guess what I married a white bitch so I could get at her daughters now that pussy mine she an her frens ain’t laughin anymore now that I busted they lil pink cunts

    • Harmless as a fly. Little boy stop pretending you are old!

    • Rrrrrrrrip go Dey hymen’s ha ha ha

    • All talk no action boy.


    • Stop mister it hurts!

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