I want to be raped

Recently i have been obsessed with a rape fantasy. i am a 34 year old woman. i am fit and I'm told attractive. i have small breasts (32c) i want to be taken and forced have some stranger violently have me and tear off my clothes.

i actually started taking late night walks in a park near my home. i wear flip flops, loose fitting sweat shorts and a cropped t shirt with no panties or bra. i just walk along a dark trail and hope. the anticipation is very exciting.

My first encounter was some guy that only wanted to flash me. i hoped he would do more but he just ran off. then it happened. i heard a voice behind me. he said he had a knife and he wanted me to take off my clothes or he would cut me. i wasn't planning on a weapon. but i felt myself getting excited so i did as he ordered and stood naked in front of him. my pussy was getting very wet. he wore a mask and he was naked. he ordered me to lay down so he could "fuck me!" my heart raced knowing i as about to be raped and hope he didnt stab me. i did and he got on top of me an and forced my legs open. i fely his cock penetrate me and as he did i had an orgasm. he fucked me for a few minutes until he came in me then got off and left.

it was good but not what i hoped for . i wanted it to more violent. i think il will try again.

2 days ago

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    • My girlfriend I often play act rape especially with the nice weather, we drive to the woods, she gets out the car and makes a run for it, I give her 5 mins head start then I go looking for her, right up to the point of catching her she is running as fast as she can, I manhandle her to the ground and start forcing her clothes off, she is staying in full character resisting and putting up a fight, my strength over power’s her and I force my cock into her pussy, once I’ve cum I head back to the car and wait for her to return.
      When she returns she really does look like she’s been raped! She says it’s the biggest turn on she’s has ever had.

    • A friend once told me that she has a rape fantasy. Kinda turned me on jus thinking of watching her get fucked

    • Quit writing these stupid fantasies Dude!

    • Just cuz you're some old bitch who no-one would rape doesn't mean you should be jealous of some hot young slender thing who we all wanna rape. Just go hang yourself and be done with it!

    • All bitches what get raped they allus come back for more that a fact!

    • Tell us where you live

    • Texas

    • In Galveston? I’ll meet you at the C&W bar Friday night. Be there, I will and I’ll give you what you want.

    • I love you story. I hope to hear more from you very soon.

    • I'm going to walk this weekend. I'll let you know

    • To the author of this story, where are you in the world?
      Tell me more of what you want to happen to you.

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