Native Son found Mom’s Dildo

Growing up I would often hear my parents fucking, my step dad would be pounding my mom and I would be jerking my cock a mere two rooms away. I would never hear mom moan at all. They would finish. Dad would go to the bathroom etc. there was always a used condom in the trash. Step Dad was out of town and Mom was working and I would get horny and rummage thru mom’s panties, they were always creamy and cummy and the first smell would make me cum before I could grab my dick!!! Ahhh. I would proceed to cum at least 6 times and add to her already cummy messy panties.
One day I was looking thru her dirty panties and found a rubber dildo! It looked used and had a few pubic hairs on it which made me crazy horny!! It smelled like her panties but stronger!! So strong and musky and beautiful it made me cum instantly! and shoot loads of cum inside a nice satin pair I had picked out. I was still raging hard and measured the dildo next to my dick. The dildo was 7 inches and would you know my dick outmeasured it at 8 inches!! Thanks to Step Dads Good ol Tape measure. Knowing I was a full inch bigger than Moms dildo made me crazy horny for her!! And Still makes me Crazy horny right now in 2021 July. Yep. Mom your sons cock is now 8.75 inches at raging. Your truly Big Native Cock.

3 months ago


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    • I was at a house party of a sexy girl I knew and her mother had a dildo in her bedroom draw, I wud sneak upstairs for a piss and have a smell of it and suck it off. get so turned in thinking of her mother's pussy juice in my mouth 👄 and fo bk down stairs and all my friends had no idea I had basically tasted her mother pussy.

    • When I was a teen I lived with my older sister my mother and grandmother, seeing a dildo on the night stand by the bed or laying on the bed was not an uncommon thing, I think all three of them had one.

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