My bosses bitch

Because of my mistake my bosses company lost a bunch of money over permits that I didnt get before the job started.Todd told me he wanted to fire my ass but his secretary my ex told him it would be smarter to demote me rather than fire me. This way I can make it up to the boss for fucking up but more importantly I can bring in money from new clients and make back what I cost him.My boss liked that idea and let me keep my job but with one additional task attached to my job description.. The title of Cock sucker. Every morning i have to report to the bosses office and I suck his cock .As soon as I swallow his cum I thank him for letting me suck his cock then I go to work. During the day his secretary will page me to Todds office and I suck his cock again. This happens 3 to 5 times a day ,as well as the other times I get paged to different parts of the building where I suck one of the other bosses cock. I hated having to suck all those cocks at first but now im used to doing it and look forward to hearing my name being called out on the intercom . I am lucky to have a job and sucking cock is a small price to pay for a job here

6 days ago


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    • My lucky ex only had to suck her boss'. Her and 2 others, all 23 to 27, almost took turns sucking his dick. They were all overpaid, but she says she didn't ask that return -- he just gave them 5 star reviews. They were screwing him too, I'm pretty sure. Why? "like a rock star, tall, handsome, unzip his silk suit to his big fat yummy dick." She tells me all this years later when she's my FWB (cheating on another husband) - We both work for the same big co, 20 stories apart. What she told me at the time: sit down, you need to hear this and I'm sorry-- working after hours, blasting rock music, we couldn't hear 2 janitors come, but they watched naked me give Bob a blowjob.. I'm sorry. Throw me under the bus when it gets to your floor. Then off to church she goes to tell her priest what she did.

    • I guess the office doesn't have any kind of sexual harassment policy?

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