Belly punching and sex

My Farren Dream

It was a day like any other day, well not really, as you'll read in a moment, my new girlfriend was on her way over and she has a wild side, she's about 5 foot 10 inches tall and curvy. Anyway she walked in and unlike the cool calm girl she usually is she came right at me and punched me in the gut and then followed it with a knee in the stomach. I was about to fall to the floor when she pushed me up against the wall behind the couch and started making out with me while pressing her fist into my belly. then she backed up and said, Give it to me!
I punched Farren in the stomach, she moaned eroticly, and asked me to punch her again, this suprised me so she took my hand and made it into a fist and put it on her belly and said, punch me! I pushed her up against the back of the couch and bent her backwords holding her by the throat, and pushing back untill she put her hands on mine because my hand was pushing too hard on her throat. then i punched her hard right in the gut, a perfect bullseye right on the belly button, my fist sank in deep. As my fist dug as deep as it could go into her soft stomach, she howled in pain and you could tell there was pleasure as her body moved and bent over with her head snapping back and her mouth open, with her eyes closed, clasping her stomach, and falling to her knees and bending over, forhead to the floor.

without giving her time to recover, i rolled her over on her back and sat on her, making sure i could see her sexy belly button as it's where i love to punch. I punched her with alternate lefts and rights. left in the stomach. right in the belly. left in the gut. right in the belly. left in the stomach. right in the gut. Farren reacted as though she were in pain but she moaned and bit her lip, telling me she was very turned on. As she lay on her back with her eyes closed moaning in pain and pleasure i took a moment to pleasure her further. There was a baseball on the floor next to us. I placed the baseball on my belly button and then layed back on top of her putting the baseball in her belly button as well. i layed on top of her moving my body in tiny circles to make the ball move inside our bellies, we both moaned in extacy as pain and pleasure filled our bellies and then our whole body in a full on explosion of pure blissfull pleasure together at the same time.

This was only the first of such orgasms in this encounter.

10 minutes later

We did not get up after the orgasms, we layed there with the baseball still inbetween our belly button's, our sexual energy was building up fast, i began making little circles again and could feel that sexy tickle in my belly that makes me cum, but Farren pushed me off. My turn she exclaimed. Farren pushed me back against the couch and held her hands on my throat, she was choking me and i instinctively grabbed at her hand with both of mine and when i did she buried her fist as deep as she could into my relaxed stretched out belly. the impact of her fist hitting my stomach sounded like a huge mallet hitting meat, it felt like a Hammer in the stomach and the pain was intence but at the same time sexual pleasure filled my belly again, but no more then 4 seconds after farren once again buried her knee deep into my stomach folding me over her leg and then pushing me to the floor on my back and straddled me and did to me what i did to her, she punched me in the stomach many times. left in the belly. right in the gut. left in the stomach. right in the belly. left in the gut. right in the stomach. i moan in pain and pleasure, i knew if she kept punching me i was going to passout. as she continued to punch me i felt like i was going to cum, but then she stopped punching and she took the baseball and layed on me with it between out belly buttons again, this time, she made the little circles and we both moaned in pain and pleasure as the sexual tensioned build up she slowed down just enough to keep us just at the highest point without going over for another 15 minutes, till niether of us could hold it anymore, again a powerful blissfull explosion of pleasure. and still, that was just the foreplay.

We were in no rush to get up. Farren had continued making the tiny circles pleasuring us both with the baseball between our stomachs. as i had relaxed my whole body and surrendered to the pleasure, i lay there feeling her sexy body and her soft skin against mine, i could feel pain but also a sort of tickle that is so powerful and sexual from the baseball pushing into my gut, it could make me cum in minutes. Farren got up and pulled me up as well at the same time pulling me straight into a hard sharp knee right in my gut. then she pushed me onto the bed and took her thong off and then i took my underwear off me and she sat on me. i put it inside her and as we fucked she punched me in the stomach every ten seconds. it felt amazing, we knew we would finish too fast so we slowed down, as we fucked, slowly, she punched me in the belly every few minutes. as we got close to climax we started fucking faster and harder. she punched me hard right in the gut and i exploded inside her, as she came at the same time again.

After a few minutes of laying on the bed, we went and had dinner and spent the day hanging out in the sun, knowing that we would be having sex again later that day.

3 months ago

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    • Wow! I guess different strokes for different folks and rolling with the punches

    • If everyone was the same it would be boring, do what you love in this world.

    • I get off sharing our experiences from when we were younger and in the swinger lifestyle. Sharing my hot wife with other guys in 3-somes, gangbangs, wife swapping. Taking her to adult theaters & bookstores with gloryholes. And seeing her expose herself whenever possible. And would like hearing others experiences. We no longer share pics. But if it turns you on to share pics of your wife, girlfriend, sister etc I'd love to see them.

    • Loved the baseball belly play

    • I’m so fucking horny right now after reading that, omg

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