Use her tits

I have been trying to get my wife to hook up with a guy from her work. She works at the hospital in administration and he works across the hall. She told me he always flirts but a month ago she asked him out for lunch. Talk was all they did. Part of his deal is she tells me everything in detail. She knows how it turns me on hearing about her past. We took sexy and nude pics for her to send him and he sent her pics of his rather large thick impressive cock. She started getting cold feet now and I don't know what to do. Whenever she goes to his office to tell him something, he tells her to come in and close and lock the door. She showed me their chat and emails and he wants her to pull out her 42d tits then he'll take out his cock for her to suck him off. In one email he even said he'd bend her over and fuck her on his desk. She used to be very adventurous when she was married before having multiple affairs with many men and now I encourage it and she won't. She is rather plump and can be very flirtatious. I wish I could have her hypnotized so she would go back to her old ways of no limits. She would suck and fuck guys anywhere, even if her hubby was in the next room. My biggest turn on is knowing some guy has her bare tits out and is enjoying them as well as her sucking off a guy slowly like she does with me. I told her that and we have discussed it many times. If they fuck or not I couldn't care less. She cannot get pregnant so no worries there. This guy is married to and his wife is an average woman bank teller. He wants to fuck a real woman with big floppy tits and extremely wet squirting pussy

3 months ago


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