I can only cum to daddy fantasies

Jfc. How good of a lesbian am I if I can only cum to fantasies of my dead dad touching me? I can't even date or have sex because no one will cater to my fantasies but heterosexual men I'd never let touch me.

In my favorite fantasies, my mother and father fuck me together. I walk in on them having sex and when I go to walk away, daddy drags me back into the room. My mom spreads my ass open for my dad. Daddy fucks me in mommy's loving lap. She eats my cunt while I blow daddy.

Or I visit daddy in jail and he's arranged a conjugal visit and listed me as his wife. He strangles and fucks me as a prison riot breaks out. I'm the only female for miles and the scent of my period draws the rioting prisoners like predators. They tear me to pieces fucking me.

Or I walk into daddy's study while his friends are over. They lock the door behind me and gangrape me.

This horniness was brought on by accidentally burning myself with superglue.

8 days ago

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    • These aren't fantasies. They're visions. Of an alternate reality. A reality you are living. Being gangraped in daddy's study. Raped and murdered by prisoners. Fucked by mommy and daddy. The more you obsess over these scenarios the closer they will come to merging with our reality. You must think on them constantly and it may bring him back. They may become true.

    • God please fuck my ass

    • In another reality I am pounding your tight little shitter. Believe hard enough and it will come true.

    • Maybe your unconscious is telling you that your actually bi and that although you see your self as a lesbian the desire is resurfacing in your fantasies: maybe you should consider having sex, or trying sex with a couple, or an older man your dad's age or a gang bang, 3 to 5 men, try it what you got to lose

    • Sick Stupid senseless shallow

      but mostly sick

    • Thorniness by superglue?

    • Just about all you dumb fucks fell for this dude! Man you can't tell that a sick guy wrote that! If not then you are sniffing too much glue!

    • Why you gotta be all hateful. You could call it wishful thinking,,, but the story does not ring true for me.

    • I am a str8 male and would do anything to get to make sweet gentle love with you while you are menstruating. I would always do whatever was necessary to make you happy and keep you happy AT ALL TIMES!!!!

    • Fantasy with dead people is a dead fantasy unless you are sniffing heroin.

    • You sniff heroin?

    • Incest is the best

    • Apparently it's been awhile since you last watched Chinatown

    • You need to get gangbanged like a good little slut!

    • She a trashy white whore
      She need it bad

      whooooo . . . . . BAD

    • Yes!!! One dick is not ever enough for a girl like this!!
      She needs a dozen or more choices swinging free in her face!!! And then at the end, she needs one in her mouth, one in her ass, one in her pussy, and one in each hand. She could EASILY make all five happy!! Because she's hot AND dirty!!!!! I love her!

    • It seems unusual to me that a lesbian is fantasizing about getting so much dick.

    • God bless daddy issues

    • It's what she secretly craves and lives for. She will eventually marry a very rich man with a twelve-inch dick.

    • No she won't! She will become a drug addicted whore. Someone will find her in an ally half naked overdosed and dead.

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