Why in the fuck do we give State Aid to farmers?

I'm sorry, but Farm Aid is bullshit. These fucking farmers are given shitload of money every year from the taxpayers.
You can go to farm dot ewg dot org and see all the farmers in your area and how much money they receive every year from farm aid. I don't get subsidies every year from the government, so why in the fuck are these rich farmers getting subsidies? And don't give me that shit about the poor farmers. I have never met a poor farmer in my life. Matter a fact, they are all rich. Driving around in their $80k trucks, and their hundreds of thousands of dollars in tractor equipment. Poor, they are not. And don't give me this shit about them feeding the world. Just because they provide a product for sale, doesn't mean we should hand over a bunch a fucking taxpayer money so they can live rich. Some of these fucking farmers have been given several hundred thousand dollars in last year. What in the actual fuck???? I work every fucking day of my life, but no one gives me a damn thing. All the government does for me is TAKE more and more. This country gives away money to the rich farmers and the lazy motherfuckers who refuse to work, and meanwhile the middle class working person is stuck paying the fucking bill for all this shit. Rich politicians, rich corporations, rich farmers, and low life lazy motherfuckers are the only people in this country getting handouts.

11 days ago


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    • Excuse me? But you are an ass hole. You have no idea how hard a farmer works just to make ends meet. It's one of the most demanding jobs there is. I should know been a farmer all my life, just like my father, his father and so on. This farm has been in our family going on 150 years, providing food, beef, pork, to keep our economy going. ]

    • Maybe because the government has this crazy notion that we need farmers to provide us with food.

    • Farmers were providing us food long before the government started giving them my fucking tax money.

    • Looks like we're all rich, but you. Sucks, huh ?

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