Lusting for Mother-in-law

I met my future MIL shortly after dating the woman I would marry. When I first met her, I was so surprised: MIL didn't look old enough to be a mother- I actually thought she was an older sister. When I first saw her, she had come from a different room in her house, so I saw her insane side profile. I realized as I instantly became hard (fortunately, I was standing behind and to the side of my gf), I was looking at one of the most beautiful and sexy women I would ever meet! She had such sexy curves in all the right places, a perfect ass and legs framed by short (think Daisy Duke style) jeans, and a sleeveless, button up blouse that teased me of her deep cleavage.

She came around to face me and I stepped forward to shake her hand as we continued talking. When our hands touched, I swear, I felt electricity pass through me, causing my hard c**k to become even harder, making a big tent in my jeans. Once I realized my state, I tried slipping behind my gf, but MIL saw her effects, as she lustfully smiled at me.
That day, I first stroked to her, and she's been my favorite fantasy to stroke to ever since. All throughout dating my gf, MIL would find discreet moments to tease me with her body. Even on our wedding day, MIL found a way to tease me in her sexy dress. She knew she would give me a massive boner for her, as I was saying my vows to my wife.

Over the years, we've teased one another, and I once confessed I would marry her if we were single. She told me she'd love to be my wife. She knows how beautiful I think she is, and how bad I want to f**k her. Her teasing continues to this day, especially if we're out in public: she'll wear form fitting dresses that showcase her sexy legs, while framing her sexy rack and ass, and she makes sure to exaggerate her sway when I'm walking behind her. I've never cheated on my wife, whom I do love, but I've also never been alone with MIL for a significant period of time; I know I wouldn't be able to control my lust for this MILF of milfs if we were.

3 months ago

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    • My mother in whore is such a slut!! Id love to make that cunt cry as im penetrating her asshole! Id love to use her like the cheap whore she is! Did I mention she is getting married in a few weeks!! Haha! Fuckin Slut only planned this wedding at a months time! Tell me she ain't a fuckin cum dumpster!

    • I love my wife but im inlove with mymoter in law . no woman has ever giving methe feelings like her . im married 15 years and secretly we been having affair 12 of those years . but our biggest secret is my wfes youngest brother is my son . . no one knows only us . one day we be togethet

    • My father in law and my wife passed away within 3 months of each other, my mother in law and i was very fond of each other from the moment we met, it a very intense attraction, One day she came over to where i had moved to she went in the bed room and called for me , I went into the bed room and she was undressing , I watched her go get her purse and get some lube from it, she looked wonderful nude. i had waited 10 years for this and it was better than i expected, We fucked at least 2 times a month for the next 8 years. She learned to like porno movies and dildos and me performing oral sex on her, she also loved sucking my dick, she liked to do the many things she had always thought about, that was the best fucking i had ever had in my life.

    • Must be devastating to lose your wife but I guess getting to fuck her mom helps.

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