Very large penis

Purely an observation question, me, my husband and are two friends who are also married are having drinks, chatting away and the guys are showing each other things on their mobile phones.
My husband shouted out, no way babes have a look at this, I could guess it was going to be something rude.
It was a short video of a black man having sex with a tiny white girl, the black man penis was so big and he was pushing it right in and very hard, my friend said omg.
Now I’m not sure the omg was for the size of the penis or like me thinking how on earth is it possible for that tiny girl able to make that penis disappear!
My husband can hurt me when he’s getting carried away and his penis is a lot lot smaller than the black man.
I just can’t see how it’s possible to have such a long large object that deep inside you, surly it must hurt and possible damage something, a woman’s vagina is only so big, I know it’s very elasticated just find it hard to believe.

3 months ago

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    • When I was 30 I was messing with a 22 yr old man. His dick was the size and width of an aerosol can. The hardest part was trying to give him head!!! But I must say I wasn't ready for that dick and fancy myself a sexpert!

    • I watched my wife being fucked by a black who had a cock that was 11.5" long and as fat as my forearm. It took quite a whlle but he eventually got balls deep. My wife is 5'7" and was about 130lbs so she was shapely but not a large woman at the time (she is still about thee same size). That was incredible to watch and she had trouble walking for the next few days. She said her pussy was sore because of the thickness of his cock but it was the pain in her lower abdomen that gave her the biggest problem. She says she will never fuck a guy with a cock that big again.

    • I just wrote the above response and I meant to say black guy, not simply black. My apologies.

    • OP here, forget about the colour of the person, the size on the penis and the tiny lady still has me baffled.

    • Big dicks are a novelty, fun to look at, stroke, and lick, but are rarely comfortable for intercourse. Most women don't want their guts rearranged by a fence post.

    • Size matters, but preference differs from person to person. When I was 10 my mom used to call neighbor uncle when my dad was on night duty. Uncle had a monster cock and I heard mom saying many times she loved it. On the contrary my wife does not like big things. Once I swapped her with a friend having big cock she felt hurt and refused to go with him next time.

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