Prick teasing

For the last two months I’ve had a massive flirting relationship with a work colleague, she is married and so am I
We both can’t keep our hands off each other, how we haven’t been caught at work I don’t know!
I’ve fingered her loads of times, she’s given me blowjobs, wanks you name it we’ve tried everything all but have full Penetrating sex.
Whenever we do get the opportunity to have sex something will come up! She will always have a reason to cancel, 9 out of 10 it’s her that plans for the full sex, hubby is out this night or away all day and not back until 10pm, technically I should have fucked her 30 times over! In reality not once, I think she needs a good fucking to calm her down then some serious fucking can be had!

14 days ago

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    • There's a girl at work I like so I got an erection in front of her and then another time I put my cum in her yogurt cuz I thought that would make her fall in love with me and then another time I printed a picture of my cock and put it in her desk but now I'm afraid to show her my penis because she might recognize it from the picture also I pee'd all over her car once but I'm not sure why I did that

    • 9 out of 10 you will regret it. Especially HR finds out or one of your spouses. Go down to the nearest bar and fuck some nobody and move on.

    • She'll eventually give in and have sex with you, and it will be when you least expect it. I know from experience.

      I too am married, as was a coworker of mine. We did the samething, fucking around with eachother in closets and locked rooms. We are both in IT, and our computer area is a locked room. She and I would go in there and do all kinds of dirty things to eachother. I would finger her pussy and suck on her tits. She would stroke my cock and give me blowjobs. It got to the point where I would come up behind her in the computer room and cup her tits from behind.

      She finally asked if I wanted to have sex, to which I obviously said yes. We couldn't go to our houses, and she didn't want to get a hotel room. So we planned on coming to work early and slipped down the road in her minivan. Many several times we planned the date and came to work early, only to have her cancel because of some reason or another. I was beginning to think she really didn't want to do it, so I said something to her. She admitted it was a big step for her to screw around on her husband, and she just wanted to be damn sure she was ready to cross that line.

      About a month later, things had kinda cooled off and we weren't fucking around as much. I figured she had decided not to have sex. Then one day she asked of I could come in early the following day and help her with a project she was working on. I showed up and she asked if I wanted to have sex. We finally went down the road and fucked in the back of her minivan.

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