Sister-in-law lust

I first met the sexy, vivacious, brunette with the effervescent personality, 20 years ago, when my brother-in-law brought her to a family gathering. They were dating at the time, and married shortly after. Over the years, she and I have enjoyed each other's company at family gatherings.

A few years after she became my sister-in-law, she and her husband spent the night with us. The next morning, in preparing for work, I left our bedroom shirtless, to brew coffee. Unbeknownst to me, SIL was already up, sitting on the couch in the living room. I'll never forget her look of longing when I saw her. Later, after they had left to go back to their home, my wife gave me hell for going shirtless, even though I didn't know SIL was already up- seems my sexy SIL complemented my physique to my wife.

Years later, again they were staying with us for the weekend. My SIL has always had curves in all the right places, and has been my favorite fantasy, since first meeting her. On this particular weekend, my BIL &SIL had gotten into a fight on their way down. All we knew was that SIL was in a funk when they arrived. As the evening wore on, I was bothered she wasn't being her usually bubbly self, so later, when she went outside to walk around, I slipped out to check on her. In talking, she shared part of what my BIL had said. I told her that, for what it's worth, I had always thought she was wonderful, and a beautiful woman. We continued to talk for a bit, until she ran and embraced me. I lowered my head and she leapt upwards to kiss me. We had never kissed before, but something broke in me- I began giving her a deep french kiss, and we made out like two starved people, hungry for the passion unleashed in our kiss. As we resumed our deep kissing, she began stroking my rampant erection as I kneaded her perfect ass. We were surely going to f**k each other's brains out, had a neighbor not turned on a porch light. The next day, SIL was distraught and lamented to my wife that life wasn't fair. I knew exactly what she meant.

13 days ago

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