Lusting over my sister-in-law

I first met the sexy brunette who would become my sister-in-law twenty years ago, when she began dating my brother-in-law. She has a bubbly, outgoing personality, and is curvy in all the right places. After some time, she married my brother-in-law. Over the years, we became closer and we've always enjoyed being together with family. I've always thought she was very sexy, and she's been the object of many fantasies I've had over the years.

Once, about 3 years into her marriage, she and my brother-in-law were spending the night at our house. My brother-in-law can be quite likeable, but has moments when he's a real ass. This was such a time. My sister-in-law got up the next morning before anyone else, but I was unaware of this. I was dressing for work, and left our bedroom with pants, but no shirt, to go make coffee. I found my sister-in-law in the den, sitting on the couch. I'll never forget her look of longing when she saw me walk by. Before I made it back to the bedroom, my wife had gotten up, and later after my sister-in-law and brother-in-law had left, gave me hell for walking around shirtless. It seems my sister-in-law had complimented my physique to my wife.

Another time in particular, years later, they again came to stay the weekend with us (we live in a different state). Apparently, on the way down, my brother-in-law had been an ass towards her and made her quite upset. That night, as she was walking their dog, I slipped out to check on her. She told me the mean and belittling words my ass-in-law had called her. I told her that for what it's worth, I thought she was a wonderful and beautiful woman. We continued to talk for a bit, until she ran to me and embraced me. I lowered my head and she leapt upward to kiss me. During this kiss, I slipped her my tongue, and we began making out in earnest. We continued to make out and feel up one another- she tugged on my rampant erection as I kneaded her fine ass. We almost ended up f**king- we just happened to see the porch light come on. The next day, my sister-in-law became distraught around my wife, crying and telling her life wasn't fair. She never elaborated on this, but I knew what she meant.

3 months ago

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    • Yes!! Id love to impregnate my sister in law Jennifer!! I want my nice thick dick to be swallowed up by her big yet tight asshole!!

    • My wife’s brothers wife caught him cheating with 3 separate females over the course of a year, it took about a month of speaking to her, trying to calm her down before I actually got her into bed. She’s definitely a 7 out of 10. But like a dead fish in bed

    • Good job. i hope you came inside her and left her a present

    • This is very similar to how my affair started. Wasn't with a sister in law though, it was my friend's wife. Treated her like shit, started drinking a lot and fooling around with other women. Didn't mean for it to turn out the way it did. But consoling led to comforting led to fucking. They're divorced now and we're still going strong behind my wife's back. She's completely oblivious.

      Funny thing is dude bro and I had a bit of falling out because I'm still "friends" with his ex wife. He remarried a few years ago and his new wife is starting to get very friendly with me. Apparently the girl he married is the one he cheated on his wife with so I know she's down for sleeping around. Probably going to fuck her too if the opportunity presents itself.

    • NICE. fuck i am jealous. please post more.

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