Wife wants to have sex with my dad

After discussing fantasy’s with my wife I learned that she really wants to fuck my father. I’d love to set this up as my dad is old and hasn’t had any in a long time. How would I go about approaching this subject with my father? How could I “accidentally “ send him pictures of her to see how he responds?

3 months ago

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    • We had an experience when we first got married at 18-yo. We came home early from our honeymoon due to the weather and my dad had been coming by checking our mail. We tried calling him but couldn't reach him. Soon we found ourselves fooling around as my wife had put on a garter & stockings. She was on the bed on her hands & knees and I was standing at the foot of the bed fucking her in the ass. When all of a sudden the door opened and in comes my dad and a friend of his.

      Our apt was in an old house that had been converted into apts and the door from the hallway came right into our bedroom. They were right beside our bed as I was fucking my hot 5-8, 110lb, 34-D-24-35 redhead wife in the ass. Her big tits hanging down and bouncing around as she's telling me to fuck her ass harder. They made an attempt to go but the old couple across the hall had come into the hall to leave and if they opened our door back they'd see us. So they just stood there as if they were frozen in place. I'm not sure if my timing was good or bad but when I pulled my cock out of her I shot off all over her ass & back.

      She got out of bed to go clean up and had to squeeze past them, and I noticed all three checking out her sexy ass as she left the room, coated with my thick cum. Lynn comes back in the room in a housecoat not aware that the lamp she was beside was making it transparent. So they got a good look at her big tits and bushy red cunt. They explained to her what had happened and we all just took it as an unfortunate accident.

      So one night we had him over and put on a porno I told my dad we'd gone to a strip club and one of the dancers had given Lynn some tips on doing a sexy striptease. Soon she's showing him, then she gives him a lap dance. And it was just as planned when soon she's sucking his cock as I watch. Then she starts sucking me off as he fucks her from behind. It was just a one-time thing but was very hot. And the 2 of them got along great after that and the tension was gone.

    • That’s what I’d love to have happen

    • I took some videos round my dad 1 day and there was 1 of my wife all dressed sexy doing striptease and playing with herself using toy had set at a spot so i know if he had watched it went back about week later with some more but he asked if could leave 1 as not watched yet and guess what 1 it was yes hope the old man enjoyed watching over and over took 5 weeks till got back was then did he manage get wife do live and more good for them

    • When VCR's first came out there was a place near us that rented porn tapes from their back room. And we'd bought a video camera. One night just for the heck of it I put tape on the video to see if it would record and it did. Over the next few months, we rented a bunch of movies and added segments of us to it but not showing our faces. At the beginning and end of each tape was segments of my hot 5-8, 110lb, 34-D-24-35, redheaded 18-yo wife fondling her tits and fingering her pussy. As well as her sucking my thick 8 1/2" cock and deep throating it as well as licking & sucking my balls. Me fucking her in various positions including fucking her in the ass.

      I'd also fuck her big tits and shoot off all over them. We'd re-rent the movies again later and the segments we added were still there and on a few after seeing what we'd done other couples had added to it with them doing similar things. Unfortunately, the town counsel found out about the store renting porn movies and put a stop to it. But there was a date and customer ID # on a card with all the movies showing when it was rented. And we figured the ones we'd altered had been rented about 1500 times and seen by who knows how many people in our conservative little town. The guy who ran the store said anything outright but I think he knew what we'd been up to and said whoever was doing it was increasing rentals.

      But sometimes when we'd have friends over we'd rent one of those movies and act surprised as they were. And listen to them commenting on what they'd seen. And it looked like they all enjoyed seeing what was obviously real people over the actors, and hearing their comments was very hot.

    • I did sleep with my stepfather and enjoyed. My crazy boyfriend begged me to do his lonely father on father's day. I like the guy, he's cool, fit, and handsome so I RELUCTANTLY (ha) agreed. I went to his house and apoligized for his son having to work. I basically approached him with "It's Father's Day" and ... . It was better than my wildest imagination. So good that I want more.

    • I’m hoping that my wife can get him to take the opportunity. I think it would be a great way to expand their relationship and be super great for all three of us. Her fear and mine is how he will react by seeing her naked and going further. But we are working towards it and time will tell

    • Text him and say you want to show him something. Don't tell him what it is. When he says okay. Send him pics of her and see what he says. That is what I did with my dad. We have a great time fucking my wife and my wife loves it as well.

    • Thinking the same thing. Send him some of her tits, ass, get him all worked up.

    • I agree, I’d like to send him some but afraid he will get upset. What do I do if he does get mad? How would I play it off that it was an accident?

    • Send the pics from her phone as selfies and a note saying she hopes you like them and that she just wanted to brighten and spice up your day. So it looks like they were meant for you but she accidentally sent them to him. If he is offended by them at least it looks like an accident and will be forgiven. But he can't unsee them.

    • He should get mad! If he is a father then he see's your wife as a daughter.
      And what the fuck is wrong with you and your wife? Her for telling you she wants to. Out of all the men in the world and your wife has to pick your father. And you for not calling a divorce lawyer!
      If it is all fantasy then leave it in fantasy land. What you do now will follow you through life. When you get older you will realize that that is fucked up and what a mistake you made!

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