My dream job

I am obviously not like everyone else, not that I am special… I fantasize about my sole job/career being to lick and suck women’s buttholes. My work day would consist of servicing every type, size, age, and race of female butthole. All would be licked, sucked, reamed and cleaned. I would look forward to work every day and welcome overtime. I would love love love my career and aspire to excellence. I would love to hear from perspective *female* employers and those with similar interests.

16 days ago


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    • It doesn't take much to get nasty comments. this is just confession not evaluation. no need for opinion or advice. Either read or leave.

    • What about Muslin women? They don't use toilet paper and shower once a week!

    • Yummers, they go to the top of the list.

    • So their dirty shit covered ass is delicious for you! Then would you eat the plate of shit?

    • No, the act of servicing a woman’s dirty asshole is not about her shit… its about the care i take ensuring her backside is cared for… its about the act and actions of service that is the draw. Whether her ass is shitty is of minor consequence. So the idea of eating shit off of a plate has zero appeal. There certainly are people into that and I don’t judge them.. just not my cup of tea.

    • Go lick toilet seats! If there are brown trout in there, eat up!

    • I think you are missing the point entirely. You are a severe disappointment who lacks creativity and a thoughtful mind. Perhaps you saying nothing saves some semblance of your intellect and creativity. How ‘bout you lick toilet seats on airplanes and in porta potties so you can feel some sort of purpose in your lame troll like life.

    • I'm not the one who is a shit eater! You are.
      The smell of shit makes me yak! Even dog shit makes me yak. The yak factor is the bodies way of telling you not to eat that because it can make you sick or kill you. Look up all the diseases that come from human fecal waste! Thats why most of us have that yak factor and don't eat shitty asses. So you can lick all the seats or shitty asses you want! Bon Appetite fool.

    • Yet here you are reading ass licking stories on a confessional site… Seems like you may be very interested in eating or licking shit… just saying… You don’t have to read this “shit” but somehow here you are. Look deep into your secret shit loving soul… and just admit you are the Turd burglar, the master of brown trout…. No one is judging…

    • As I said I'm not the shit eater! I read all the stories and most of them like your's are fake bull shit! Maybe I should say bull shit, it might give you an idea.

    • You read them because you don’t have the courage, the manhood, the effing balls to tell your own stories. That’s my dream job emeffer, that’s my fucking story. If you want to judge like your supposed non ass licking ass is somehow better…. i have to ask why are you reading… Why don’t you stay in your mom’s basement and beat off into your dirty socks while dreaming about all the dirty disgusting shit you want to do for real… the stuff I write is how I unapologetically live my life. Losers like you make the world a cold place,, be cold and lonely in your cold place or grow a pair and tell your story. You won’t do that though cuz your lazy ass will try to think of a one sentence comeback that sucks. you are just border line dumb as fuck and have the attention span of a flea. If God didn’t want us to lick ass he wouldn’t have put it so very close to the pussy…

    • How do you know I haven't wrote any stories here. Well that's wrong I have but they don't involve shit eating Idiot!
      God put a women's ass and pussy close together so when they get drunk you can carry them home like a six pack!

      If a hot woman shit on a plate and told you to eat it and you can eat her ass and fuck it! Would you shit eater! What if it was dog shit? Since you sick fucks like to fuck dogs do you give dogs rim jobs too?

      You do know that in professional porn anal bleaching is done before rim jobs or anal sex.
      Scat porn does the same thing and use's fake scat injected up the ass to shit out!
      so keep eating that shit! Shit eater.

    • I am not sure why you would include bestiality and dog shit eating in this thread… You are a sick person. No way you have written stories here because they would expose your love animals and animal shit.

    • Are you stupid or did all the shit wipe your brain out? I wrote the following idiot, "What if it was dog shit? Since you sick fucks like to fuck dogs do you give dogs rim jobs too?" Notice the since you sick fucks like to fuck dogs, part! You are a sick fuck just asked how sick are you.

      You never answered my question Idiot! Please answer the following question!
      If a hot woman shit on a plate and said you can lick and fuck her ass if you eat the plate full of shit! WOULD YOU EAT THE SHIT OFF THE PLATE?

      It is a yes or no question very simple even for you!

    • I'm the CEO of a dynamic mid-level design and graphic concern; at present we have almost 150 employees, of which roughly half are female. We are absolutely in need of a dedicated female rectum-cleaner, willing to work at our branches in Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo. Seek us out.

    • Haha

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