Shy Straight Guy Loves To Suck Dick

I sucked my first dick a few years ago at the age of 48. Total I have only sucked 7 dicks. Sucking dick and swallowing cum are amazing sensations. My girlfriend knows about my yearnings and allows me the privilege. But I am very timid and shy about finding candidates. When I find my next dick I am going to passion lately lick and suck the dick and balls. Looking for a clean classy dick in NY that I can wrap my lips around. Happy endings in store!

3 months ago

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    • Shy and timid but sucked seven dicks in a few years. I thought I was a manwhore for sucking four dicks in the past 10 years.

    • I certainly can understand that. Wanting to suck another man's penis can be satisfying especially when he returns the pleasure. Anal sex is good if you use condoms. LUBRICATION is recommended.

    • One question what happened to you!
      Growing up in the early 70's as a kid us guys where always trying to out do each other. Who was tougher who had the better car or fastest car. The best fighter, best on the football team. We fought each other, but one thing was never brought up was dick size or being gay. Hell if a guy talked about his dick size, he was labeled as fag. Everything else was a competition all the way up till my 30's even then when one us of got a bigger boat the next year I got a bigger boat. I wasted hundreds of thousand dollars on bigger boats or faster cars.
      I can not picture my self with a guy that way. Major turn off. This country has gone PC and it makes me sick.When I was young I wondered what it would be like to be a girl but it was only momentarily as I knew I was a guy! Now they are telling 5 year old boys it is ok to wear a dress. Wow! What changed in your life that made you want to suck dick? Not being mean just wondering. I see men as competition definitely not sexual.

    • You should look on Doublelist or place your own ad. There are plenty of cocks wanting to be sucked.

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