Fucking my friends wife

Long story short, my girlfriend and our friends wife came up with a plan for us to swap partners for a night. I was supposed to take her to my place while my girlfriend stayed with him at their place.

We started the evening at the bar. I had already known about the plans, but didn't know how the girls planned on making this happen. Also what I didn't know, was that he didn't know anything about it. So later on, him and her started fighting. I asked my girlfriend what it was all about, and she said they asked him about the plans to swap and he got pissed..

Long story short, he left the bar telling his wife he wanted a divorce if she was planning to fuck another guy. Which was funny considering he has admitted to at least 3 affairs on his wife already. She told him he owed this to her, and at least she was upfront and willing to let him fuck my girlfriend at the same time. That's when he said no and walked out. I thought the night was over, but no. His wife ended up spending the night with us and we proceeded as planned with us having a threesome.

Most guys fantasize about having a threesome, many never do. Let me tell you it's not easy pleasuring two women at once. Two pussy holes and two mouths, but only one dick. I ended up on the bottom with our friend riding my dick while I ate my girlfriends pussy. We also had the two girls lay one on top of the other while I got between their legs. I would fuck one pussy for a few thrusts, and then pull out and plunge in the others pussy for a few thrusts. I kept alternating back and forth between their pussies until we all got off. My girlfriend wanted me to cum in our friends pussy. So when I was ready, I shoved deep inside her and let it go.

3 months ago

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