Sexy Feet

There's something about feet and sandals that gets me aroused. Especially my ex-wifes cousin Lilly! She made my fantasy real! It all began back in 2012 when we went to Lilly's house for a BBQ, she was really cute and had a great body and that was the day I noticed her sexy feet! She was wearing shorts and a tank top and some leather sandals she had her toe nails painted a neon green it caught my attention.
I looked at her feet quite a bit that day wishing I could do more than just stare at her sexy fine feet. I actually masterbated that evening at home thinking of her feet, we would go over to her house for BBQs, dinners and other family functions and she was either wearing sandals or flip-flops or barefooted and Everytime I would stare at her feet getting aroused wishing that I could touch and kiss them. As the years passed I wanted to tell Lilly that her feet were making me feel aroused but I didn't know what or how to say it without looking or feeling like a idiot. Until the summer of 2015, Lilly called me and asked if I could go over to her house and help her Cook for a party, with out hesitation I went to help her, as we were cooking and preparing the food we started to drink and have a shot of tequila as we cooked and drank and talked I kept looking at her feet, so out of the blue I asked Lilly" do your feet ever hurt wearing flat sandals? She smiled and said "not at all, it feels like im barefooted" then she asked me why I thought that? I answered her just being nosey with a laugh, she saw that I kept staring at her feet and asked me why I keep looking at her feet? Do they not look nice? I felt myself turn red and said to her No! With a smile she made a sigh what a relief! I said to her What a relief? What do you mean? Lilly looks me in the eyes"do you think I have nice feet? I quickly said "you have beautiful sexy feet"! Just don't tell my wife! She giggled as she thanked me for the compliment and I won't say anything it's a secret between us.
After we finished cooking we continued drinking and I got the courage enough to ask her if I could rub her feet? She turned red, so I apologized for saying that it was out of line. Lilly smiled and said" no need to apologize" you really want to rub them? Like a kid in a candy shop and a huge smile I said I would love to! So Lilly called me to go to the living room and sit on the couch and I did as I sat down she placed her feet on my lap, "ok do what you want to my feet" I slowly unbuckled her sandals removed them from her feet (I wanted to smell her sandals) and I started caressing her feet one at a time.
I could feel a sexual arousal I rubbed her foot massaged her toes as she layed back and gently squirmed,
She looked up and asked me if I wanted to do more than just massage her feet? Playing stupid I asked what do you mean? You know exactly what I am talking about! And if you don't,then nevermind as she got up off the couch!
I grabbed her by the hand and said " hold on,sit down, Lilly sat back down, and put her feet on my lap"you know what I was talking about" I nodded my head yes and picked up her left foot and put it up to my mouth and gently licked the bottom of her foot I kissed her foot as I worked her toes in my mouth! As soon as I started sucking her toes she made sexy moans as her body melted into the couch I was in ecstasy kissing, licking and sucking her toes and feet I kissed my way up her ankle then her call as I kissed my way up her thighs,
Lilly was breathing harder and moans were getting louder, suddenly she picked my head up looking at me" you know where this is going? Are you wanting to go there? With a smile I kissed her lips as I unzipped her shorts and pulled them off I pulled down her thong and put my self between her legs and went to town on her! She moaned loud and her body was shaking as I licked her warm pussy and drank her juices

3 months ago

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    • There are those who will go all their lives and never come close to their fetish as this.

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