Sexy cousin Eva

This all started in the 80's, I was a teenager then and my cousin Eva was living with us she was in her early 30s and I have always had a huge crush on her!
She was gorgeous she has a voluptuous body from head to toe mmmmmm.
I was always around her, hugging her, holding her hands, I would stand behind her when she was sitting down and rub her shoulders as I would slowly inch my way down to her big breasts and leave my hands on them. She would just smile and say" let's make sure no one See's you" my cock was always hard when I was around Eva! She could see it and she would gently rub her self against it. One day we were outside chopping wood in the winter and Eva was having shot's of whiskey well after a while she had got really buzzed and I helped her to her room.
She passed out drunk so I took her shoes off and covered her with a blanket, I sat next to her as she slept, I started to feel her feet and started rubbing them then I took off both sock's.
I stood up and shook her by the shoulder to see if she was sleeping, yes she was really knocked out so I went back to her feet and I started to play with her toes, I slowly put her Big toe in my mouth and gently sucked on it, my heart was pounding and my cock was rock hard and throbbing in my pants. I continued to kiss and suck her toes as I moved my hand up her leg. Once again I went up to her and shook her and she was still sleeping.
I then got up and layed next to her and started to rub my hand over her boobs on top of her shirt, I could feel her nipples getting hard then I unbuttoned her shirt a little and put my hand inside her shirt and then in her bra!
I was feeling her huge breast and hard nipple, my cock was ready to explode I felt her other breast it was great so I decided I have gone this far so now I was going to suck on her hard nipple which I did and I came a little bit, I layed next to her shaking.
As I sucked her breasts I moved my hand down between her legs and caressed her pussy, my heart beating 100 mph my cock oozing precum I then put my hand down her pants into her underwear and I felt her hairy bush I put my fingers between her legs and her pussy was getting wet!
I pulled my hand out of her pants ran to the bathroom and jacked off in a matter of minutes I was cumming all over the toilet.
A few days later we were watching TV and she said " how come you haven't sat next to me or wrapped your arms around me like you always do"? So I got up and sat down next to her she smiled as she grabbed my hand and held it as we watched TV.
She asked me if I was ok? I said to Eva that I was fine and she said yes you are fine!as she put my hand on her breasts. I got an instant hard-on and she knew it, she unbuttoned her shirt and took her breast out of her bra so I could touch her hard nipple, I did just that she layed her hand on my lap and slowly moved it over my throbbing rock hard cock" what do we have here? She giggled, I looked at Eva" you kinda got me like this"! she giggled as she leaned over and kissed me. It was my first kiss I reached over and kissed her lips she smiled then says " you going to kiss my boobs to?"without hesitation I leaned into her chest and kissed her boob and I put my mouth on her nipple and sucked it.
She made a whimper and a sigh as I had her nipple in my mouth she started to rub my cock. Over my pants, I was ready to explode, she unzipped my pants and pulled out my throbbing cock just seconds away from blowing my load,then Eva laid down on the couch took her bra off as she called me over with her finger" kiss and lick my boobies" I laid half way on her as I kissed and licked her huge boobs she pulled me up and started to kiss my neck then my cheeks and then we started making out she was getting really hot and pulled her shirt off also my shirt to I was in ecstasy laying on her kissing her lips as I was going back to her breasts she asked me to kiss her down to her bellybutton I did as she said,"pull my pants off" I did very quickly as she lay there in her panties you could see her wet spot she got my hand and said "give me two fingers" she then pulled her panties to the side and put both fingers in her wet pussy, it was so nice and wet and warm as I worked my fingers in and out,
She began to breathe heavily as she made sexy moans.
I sucked her breasts and fingered her until she let out a scream and her legs and body shook. Eva smiled and pulled me to her as she kissed me and hugged me" I hope it was as good for you as it was for me" she reached down my unbuttoned pants stroked my cock and within seconds I exploded all over her stomach and hand.
We laid there and cuddled,kissed as our hands felt one another's bodies.

3 months ago

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    • So did you tell her you raped and molested her when she was passed out?

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