Horniest high

Wow I have never been so horny in my life the day I first tried meth!!! It was a quiet Saturday afternoon I was at home alone being bored drinking beer and shot's looking at some internet porn . My cousin dropped by the house on his way out of town,
I asked him if he wanted a cold one for the road? We both cheered and drank a beer and he asked me if I wanted a bump of meth? I had never tried that but I was a little buzzed and said sure why not! He took out a bag from his pocket (it looked like large quartz crystals) he smashed it up and lined it up and did his,it was my turn I snorted it up and it burnt my nose like it was on fire!!
I had heard that this makes a guy really horny and wants to wear panties with crazy euphoric feelings like putting things up there ass.
I felt like I was getting horny and before I did I asked my cousin if he would give me some for later. So he gave me 4 chunks and he was on his way. I was feeling good like I was wanting to get naked and play with myself. I drove to the Walmart and went in straight to the women's underwear section I picked up a thong and g-string some pantyhose and lingerie. I was so excited to go home and put on my sexy undergarments,as soon as I got home I locked the door and went to the bathroom and stripped off my clothes and I put on the thong! It felt so good so sexy up my ass!
I then put on the pantyhose mmmm I was getting hot and bothered wanting to get something to put in my ass! I walked to the kitchen and crushed up a piece of meth and did another line, I began touching my self rubbing my cock and pulling my balls it felt so good. I got really horny and went and put on the rest of the lingerie.
I looked up some stuff on the internet and how a person gets horny on meth and what I could do to get off.
I went to the kitchen and looked in the fridge and found a cucumber and zucchini, wanting to feel something up my ass I went to the bathroom and grabbed a jar of vasoline went to the kitchen and put my finger in the vasoline and rubbed my asshole as I slowly put my finger in my ass! Mmm it felt good as I tried adding another finger I was getting hard to.
I decided to lube up the zucchini, but before I was going to put it up my ass, I got a chunk of meth and shoved it in my ass! Ohh yeah it felt so fucking good it even felt a little burning sensation. I laid down on my side and slowly worked the zucchini up my ass!
I was so horny I shoved it as far as I could, pulling it in and out as I worked it faster and harder. I put on some anal porn and fucked my ass with the zucchini. I decided to put some gay ass fucking porn and I really got hot and started playing with my cock it was shriveled up and limp but it felt real nice pulling it.
I wanted to see what else I could get to put in my ass? I wanted something bigger than the zucchini! I did a little bit more meth as I searched for something else to get me off. I tried what ever I found and gave it a try, everything I was trying was getting me hornier, I found a thick toilet scrubber which was long and had some girth, I worked about a good 10-12 inches of it up me.
I was getting off really nice as I pulled it in and out it was rubbing my prostate and it was making me feel like I was going to cum the more I did it the more I was shaking as I started to precum, I gave it a taste and much to my delight it was tasty a little salty and warm I concentrated on my prostate and with in a few minutes I had the biggest and best orgasm I have ever experienced!!!
I licked the cum dripping on my hand as I rubbed it all over my self. I continue to get off with meth and wearing sexy clothes

3 months ago


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    • Snorting crushed Adderal is better, especially, for sex. One of my nieces, who is also a meth head, turned me onto Addys. Got me to thinking about all kids of sexual stuff, but, I managed to keep from fucking her, and drilled a friend of her's instead.

    • I am a gay male. I know of at least 2 straight guys that wanted to do meth and then have sex with me.

    • Don't do meth! It causes severe hallucinations like the one you just had.

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