I Love My Penis

20 M Virgin

I’m a very modest person, and think the male infatuation with big dicks is weird, but I love my big penis. I just like to look at it in the mirror, and think about how it’s probable that in a room of 85 dudes I’m bigger than them all.

I love seeing my slight bulge, and love seeing older women who know what they like taking a glimps of it.

With that said, the person that circumcised me took too much skin off on the top and almost done on the other side so it looks a little fucked looking.

2 months ago

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    • I want to tear up my sister in law Jenn with my thick dick!

    • But you're a virgin? You don't even know what your penis can do yet.

    • My what a big, but, ugly dick you have !

    • Take care of it - massage it regularly using olive oil. You have still time, till 24-25 years, to grow it a bit longer and thicker with nice skin tone for your cock. Draw your palm from the base to up ...

    • It is the bull shitters that brag about their big dicks. When in fact they hung like a stud field mouse!

    • Does it stink?

    • Like shit it does!

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