I caught my bestfriends parents fucking

I was probably 17 when this happened. I was spending the weekend with my bestfriend, not uncommon for me to stay with him or him to stay with me. We're hanging out and decided to go see another buddy of ours. It was late and we decided to stay with our other buddy. My bestfriend called to tell his parents we wouldn't be back that evening. It was about midnight when I realized I had left my contact lens stuff at his house. I told him I needed to go back and get it, but he didn't want to go, so I drove myself to his house. I walked in the door to find his mom straddling his dad on the couch. They were both naked and she was riding him fast and hard. Her little titties her flopping up and down and they were drenched in sweat. The room smelled like sex and weed. When his mom saw me, she just smiled and winked at me. Tank god his dad never saw me. I slipped down the hall and upstairs to get my stuff. As I returned, I saw them in the same position with his mom still riding his dad. She and I caught eye contact again, and I stood there for a second watching. She arched her back and started rubbing her titties while moaning loudly. I knew she was putting on a show for me, so I kept watching. Then she looked back at me and winked again. She stopped riding him and got up, turned around and bent over to suck his dick. Her whole ass and pussy was now facing me. I watched as she rubbed her pussy and stuck her fingers in herself, while she continued to suck his dick. I wanted so bad to step up behind her and fuck the shit out of her, but his dad had yet to even know I was there. A few minutes later he cummed in her mouth. I figured that was my que to exit. The next day my bestfriends mom pulled me aside and asked how I like the show. I told her I loved it and wanted so bad to fuck her when she bent over. She told me that would be our dirty little secret, and I should never tell anyone. Then she just winked again and walked away. Nothing ever happened between us, but I still cleared remember what she looked like naked.

2 months ago

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    • You didn't ask her for some of that weed ?

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