My first gangbang

So,,,, I joined a bunch of swinger and gangbang club websites…. Most of them were pay for play and just bs. However there was one that was real. It was a weekday/daytime/evening schedule which was great for me because I have always worked from home. This is how it worked: you get your name on the list after minimal screening and they would text you with a location/time/place, a link with overview of the talent, and a cost of admission which was weed or booze plus 20 dollars to go toward the suite etc. They would run two sessions, one early afternoon and one early early evening.
My first one was right outside the Oakland airport which has changed names many times but was notorious for swinger parties back in the day. I show up and there are literally 8 guys standing around. A guy checks my name off, takes my 20 bucks and I add my 12 pack to the pile. We are told the girls will be there in 15 minutes. I am a curious sort of fuck so after a toke of weed I start talking to the rest of the crew. They were all like me, tech guys who work within 30 miles. It seemed like the first rodeo for all of us. The girls come in and the organizer gives us the rules. Remarkably there were different rules for each girl. The only over riding rule was no anal which was practical for two girls two beds and at least 15 guys. You could bareback with one but not the other come in the mouth of one but not the other etc. It was absurd, as we are all standing around while the girls were undressing.
Its like no one wanted to go first but this one guy I hadn’t noticed broke the ice for us. He obviously had some kinda disability, or serious Parkinsons. He was naked in like two seconds and banging the bareback chick bareback. He was going to town, twitching like a leaf, drooling a little. Me(somewhat blackguy), an Indian, dude, a Mexican dude, are watching still a little uncertain but she had a big pink pussy and she was moaning. I had a meeting in 2 hours so I just went for it. I went for her throat and banged the fuck out of her. She took every inch. Soon every one is joining in. My new Indian friend was punishing that pussy as the Parkinsons man had nutted fast and was recuperating. The other bed was all bodys and fucking. The organizer said we need to take pictures with no face shots to promote the event(especially money shots). we all agreed. It was one of the few times in my life where I felt like a rockstar. I was so turned on by throat fucking this chick that I pulled out when I came and shot the proverbial walk off home run of cumshots. Next thing I know this dude is taking pictures of my cock and this chicks cum covered face. Literally dudes are high fiving me, the chick is scooping into her gullet as more pictures are getting taken and I am putting my pants on. By the time I walk out of there the beds are wrecked, the suite smells like ass, and there is a real life fluff girl and people doing lines, and just a wild scene. Once I get my nut, I get all fucking straight laced and conservative so I was all paranoid driving to a customer to try to talk about advanced wireless technologies while my slobbery cock is still leaking cum. I promised myself I wouldn’t do that again,,,, but I did 3 more times before finally being able to stop.

2 months ago

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