Effing hate shaving my junk

I have an amazing “boyfriend” cock. Its about 8 inches, maybe a little more sometimes. It’s not too too thick. Its just right. My girls love it in all three holes. I just don’t go as deep from certain angles and I am not aggressive about the face fucking. I got divorced 5 years ago and decided to just shave all pubic hair. It was like a whole new world of sensation, showers felt like a prelude to masturbation, my cock looked bigger and more stylish(can’t think of a better descriptor). Now my problem is I am too lazy to manscape as much as I should so I give my crotch “hobo hair cuts”. My primary playgirl wanted to help me out but nicked the beans and the frank.. I even nicked my balls severely. There must be a better solution.. or do I really need to be meticulous about this?

3 months ago


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    • I’ve been shaving everything including my underarms for years, love the feeling. I have a bench in my shower and two times a week I go in for a long shaving session and then always put on a nice pair of panties.

    • It's expensive, but the best solution is laser hair removal. totally worth it though, l bought it for my wife and my buddy and his wife both have it, now all three of them are hairless and they don't have to do any shaving or anything.

    • I LOVE a hairless cock too!! I feels great! I recently stopped shaving and started using hair removal creams. They are awesome!! Ball hair gone! All pubes gone! I’ve even been doing my taint and butt and everything is so much cleaner after using the bathroom if you know what I mean! Just be very careful when you first start using them. Get ones specifically for your crotch and don’t leave it on longer then the directions tell you and don’t rub it in. Those creams use chemicals and if you aren’t careful you could chemical burn you junk!! Good luck!

    • Is there a brand of hair removal cream you like best?

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