Hardcore Hairbrush Anal

I spent an hour fucking myself hard in the ass with a long hairbrush handle. The handle is about 5-6 inches long.

I lubed my asshole and pushed it inside of me slowly, then I started fucking myself faster and faster. I slammed it all the way to the base and giving my hole what it wanted. A hard, fast pounding.

When my ass began trying to push it out, I sat with it all the way to the base. After it was done trying to push it out, I resumed fucking myself like a slut.

Soon my asshole was throbbing and aching and the only thing that would make it stop was to resume abusing my hole.

When I decided to stop, I was soaked with sweat and I felt hot the entire night. Already I missed the feeling of it pounding me. My hole was aching the entire night.

19 days ago

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    • My sister's hair smells like shit now! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

    • Better using any deodorant can of similar size of a cock ... TRY using some lube!

    • It’s unavoidable when stabbing your ass to get shit all over the place unless you do a good enema.

    • I use a hairbrush up my rectum just like this! And it's my sisters! I love thinking about her brushing her hair with it after. I only kinda sorta wash it off...

    • I just shit right on my sisters head while she in bed

    • You can shit on my face while I'm asleep baby

    • I'll jizz on it first

    • So your sister is a retard that wouldn't smell shit on her hairbrush? Shit stinks so she must be a retard or you're as fake as they get! I thinking the fake part!

    • My sister is a girl isn’t she? That pretty much automatically just makes her a retard.

    • She isn't the one shoving a hairbrush up her ass. So it would be easy to guess who the retard is!

    • You've never had anything up your ass or pussy you lonely old cow!

    • You need to find a real dick a big one not to hard to do

    • That's true but it's quite mean of you to point it out!

    • Do you use the same brush on your hair?

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