Wife was a nude model in college

I knew when I met my future wife that she was a nude model in college. She told me she modeled nude for the art students as a way of making money. Honestly it never bothered me that she modeled, and in fact I found it quite arousing thinking about other guys having nude paintings of my wife.

We have been married for several years now, and I just found out from her college friend that she not only modeled in the nude, but she also had sex with guys for money. Her friend told me she witnessed her fuck 16 different guys, one right after another, so she could get enough money to buy a car.

At first I thought she was full of shit, and nonchalantly brought it up to my wife while laughing about her jokester friend. She laughed and said it was all true. She admitted to fucking so many guys in college that she couldn't remember how many.

The funny thing is, I'm not even pissed about it. I think she should have told me, but I find it hot that she was a slut and liked to fuck.

21 days ago


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    • My wife became a slutwife soon after we got married at 18-yo, She was raised to always be prim & proper being a preachers daughter in a small very conservative town. She had a smokin body 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 with long red hair. But had always dressed to downplay her looks and hide her sexy attributes. And though I took her virginity at 16 she'd never been with another guy. But soon after we got married as a joke I pretended to take a picture of her in the shower and she chased me out.

      I was going to let her stew a bit before telling her I'd just pushed the test button on the flash. She'd finished her shower and went into the bedroom and was in there a while. I'd assumed calming down from thinking I'd taken a picture of her naked. But was shocked when she came in the living room in a see-through red housecoat opened in front. A sexy black garter belt & stockings with matching sheer bra & panties and spiked heels. And she barly wore make-up. But she'd put on dark red nail polish and lipstick and dark eye shadow. She looked like a walking wet dream. And it blew my mind when she said if I wanted to take nude pictures of her she didn't want to look like a drown rat in the shower.

      She said the sexy outfit was a wedding gift from her cousin that she'd hesitated wearing but figured it would be just right if I wanted to take sexy pictures of her. Her cousin could pass for her twin, not only in looks but strict upbringing and I couldn't help but imagine both of them dressed like that while I took pictures of them. But we took pictures of her slowly taking off the sexy outfit.

      But in only a few months after getting married we'd started getting into the swinger lifestyle with MFM threesomes, wife swapping where she was introduced to sex with another woman which she loved and gangbangs. Starting in an adult theater in front of a full theater and going to Adult bookstores w/ gloryholes .

    • I had sex with one of my professors so I didn't fail his class. He was a dirty old man in his fifties. I just reached down and touched his arm, batted my eyes, and asking him if there was anything I could do to help me pass. He slipped me a note with his address on it. He then said I should stop by later that evening. I stopped by and let him have his way with me. It worked, I passed his class.

    • That helps explain why we have a lot of morons around us. Can't learn and pass the course the right way!

    • I got asked to partake in a sex study when I was in college. I asked how much they paid and the dude said nothing. I was about to tell him to piss off when he said "but, you'll get free pussy". I said yes, and he was right. They asked us to partner up with someone in the room, so I asked this cute girl standing next to me, and she said yes. During the study, we saw eachother naked, inspected and commented on eachothers naked body, answered shit loads of questions about sex, and we had sex several times, including once in an MRI machine. Honestly I probably know her better than I do my wife now. We're still friends on Facebook.

    • Bet that was in the 80's. Took a night class mid 80's. On break our ears were glued to the class next door "Love, Sex and Family" or similar name. They got up and gave every details of their sex lives. "I never thought I could get that much cock in my mouth.. kudos Linda.. great blowjob tip." Our prof couldn't get us back in the room. Even she eavesdropped -- "oh my, no holds barred"

    • My buddy took an accredited photography class at the Community College. He worked for a big company with a weekly co news paper. Sick of accounting, he was bucking to be photo editor. This class was on people. He learned quickly artsie nude people got the highest grades. The school provided a nude model -- but everyone got B+ at best ussing her. So he used his wife and was getting A's but not A+. He asked me if I'd mine my wife being his model, She's way hot, D cups that go up. But it has to be artsie, not Playboyish. I said I wish she would and I'd like copies, but say you asked my permission. she'll say no. Just ask her, she'll be flattered -- and she was. The only thing funny was on campus you can do nudes almost anywhere outside with a campus cop present. It took and hour and as time went on there were 100 watching. Bonus round, some shots had both nude girls on and now I forever have nudes of his wife too. Final A+

    • I was given a Camera Techniques class my freshman year, and they put me in with all upperclassmen. Out of ten projects, the professor liked three. My best was "line, shape, and form", which I used my hot older sister's body for from top to bottom, and shaded nudes. It was her idea and I took about 200 of her one afternoon in her apartment. Close-ups of her tanned, dancer's legs, shined up with oil, laying flat and draping her killer-long, red nails atop her flat, tanned tummy and navel, hand bra holding her tits (just close enough to naked), back and ass shots, and full-body, some shaded but hiding her face, nudes. It was hot, she was an amazing nude model for me, incredibly sexy, and some of the sexier, hotter poses were her own doing, not me posing her. Legs straddling her kitchen table, intertwined with the table legs, with a hint of mound showing, but not enough to be clear and make the viewer say, that's her mound, even did a few wet pics in her shower.

      Talking to the professor at the end of the semester, he told me I'd gotten better and more inventive, was going to use a pic I took of the inside of a mailbox that came out very cool, and he came back to the line, shape, and form project and my subject. Said he'd had a few like that submitted before, and they were usually girlfriends or wives, so asked me who my subject was that was so willing, and sexy. I thought about lying to him, then thought, she's proud of her body and so am I, so, tell him. I told him it was my older sister, who liked nude modeling for me, we got along very well, and I was proud to show her off. He shook his head and smiled, and only said "Nice sister you got there".

    • Wow, so your wife lied to you..big time....and she laughed about it... dude get a good lawyer...

    • Why? it was before he ever met her. You sound like a real winner. Leave your partner for sleeping with others before meeting you. Just because she didn't tell him, doesn't mean she lied. Does your partner know everything you have ever done? That is of course assuming you're older than 12 and actually have a life.

    • Do you plan to take it to a new level? Share your slut

    • Do you think about all those guys between her legs fucking her

    • He's probably thinking about all the guys between your legs.

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