I get weird when im horny

So ive been jerking off for 25 years and its always been fairly normal. What i jerk off to has always went thru phases like 6 months of cumshots, then titfucks, etc. Well for some reason recently ive been having gay thoughts when i jerk. White stockings really turn me on. One night i was jerking and i remembered i had a pair of my exes there. I had also got the bright idea i was gonna search my house for a dildo. I couldnt believe i got so lucky. Not only did i find a dildo in my sisters old room but it was huge. I got a pretty good size dick and it was way bigger than mine. It must have been 12 inches long and was double my girth. I was expecting to find some little cheap hard plastic vibrator the size of my finger or something so this was great. It was a legit dildo. The real rubber with the balls that u can suction to the wall or whatever. So me being the weird perv that i am when i get horny i go in my room and put on the stockings and a pair of lace underwead. I leaned back stroking and started sucking the dildo. Instantly turned on. I tried deep throating it but dont think i did a very good job. Agsin this thing was huge and i never sucked dick before. I decide im gonna give my ass a try. I lube up and lean back. Im stroking with one hand and rubbing the dildo around my asshole with the other trying to get it in. Tight virgin ass here so hand to stop and use 2 hands. I finally got the tip in and went back to stroking but it popped out. I guess it was in but not really. I think i figured out there is like 2 or 3 different levels to your ass. I stuck it in a little more this time and it stayed. I was so hard. Eventually i decided i was gonna see how much i could take in my virgin ass. Im telling u right now i ended with all 12 inches of that thick dildo in my ass and i loved it. I immediately started cumming everywhere. I slid it back and forth all the way out and all the way back in like a champ. I must have been born to take dick beacause it felt great and didnt hurt at all. Then i stuck it to the wall and backed my ass down on it doggystyle pounding my ass so deep. Now i want to try the real thing. Not attracted to men at all but would love to have someone fuck my ass one time

2 months ago

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