Eating Samantha’s very ass

For as long as I can remember I have loved eating women’s asses. I love nothing more than my mouth tonguing and sucking that lovely tight smelly hole. I also love anal sex. One day I was fucking Samantha in the ass with her on top. It was amazing but it started to feel different and I could tell it was getting very messy. She wanted to stop and go to the bathroom, but I told her not to, that I actually preferred it dirty. She said its going to be a lot more than dirty, that she was going to full on shit. I got super excited and i could feel her shit covering my cock. She paused and eased her dirty hole off me. The look on her face was of great relief as she shit on me. She then rode my cock some more before she finally couldn’t take any more and went to the bathroom. I was a mess, the bed was a mess. I went into the bathroom while she was getting ready to wipe and told her not too. We stood in the shower and I continued to shove my filthy cock into her filthy hole. By this point she was completely opened up and fully gaped. I turned the water off to rinse her a little. I watched the shitty water at our feet circle the drain. I was as turned on as I had ever been and went to my knees to rim her knowing full well how dirty she was. It was amazing. I cleaned her hole with my mouth. I was very thorough. The feel of her shitty asshole on my mouth, how open and loose she was drove me mad and I came hard. The smell was very off putting but I did not care, the taste not really an issue. Though I only ate a little my face and nose were covered in shit. We dont see each other often but she knows if I am calling thats what I want. She is cool with it, I have worked my way up to the point where when she can, She shits directly into my mouth. I spit it out but always clean her with my mouth.

21 days ago


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    • You should take her to meet your parents. SOON. Show her you're srerious, dude.

    • So nasty.
      So much love.

    • Wish I would find a girl like you got

    • OMG Super Hot. Is there anything she wont do

    • Is Samantha as exceptionally skilled and sensitive at the more-traditional forms of love-making as she is at these trulyextraordinary expressions of love?

    • She is most adept at anal and the kinkier things. Sometimes we do role play and mild BDSM. She has a super wet tight but accommodating pussy. She doesn’t like sucking cock, nor cum in her mouth or face. With all the non traditional taboo we indulge in, I dont really mind not getting a blow job.

    • I imagine not. She treats you like a King. Do you realize just how lucky you are?!???

    • I realize how special she is, her Birthday is coming up and I am gonna make her feel like a queen.

    • Good man! And let us know how the party goes!

    • Do you know her well enough to guess what made her so freaky, and so totally assertive about it?

    • She grew up pretty normal in an upper upper middle class way. In her teens she rebelled completely and utterly like some of us do. She got involved with a significantly older dominant man who introduced her to all kinds of kinks. Of all the disgusting things he inflicted upon her or demanded of her some of them struck a chord. After that relationship she wanted more control and still do some of those things and was open to more except on her own terms.

    • I'm happy that she has become the wonderfully knowing and tasteful lady she is, and that you have become the incredibly fortunate beneficiary of her knowledge and talents. And her intense and beautiful desire. Thanks very much for the detail.

    • Are you planning to marry this magnificent creature, or are you going to keep dithering about while another man -- or men -- slips into the picture and takes her from you? From my perspective, you could NEVER replace what she provides, nor find someone who loves you half as much as she does. You're being unbelievably foolish. WTF are you waiting for?

    • I am in no hurry to get to my third ex wife. She is not pushing me to get married so I am just riding it out

    • I definitely understand that. I just would really HATE to see you lose her and to see her lose you.
      Due to the intermingling of postings here, I can't tell several things: Are you currently married? Is Samantha currentlymarried? Is Samantha a BBW?

    • Samantha is slim, Ginger, but has put on a little weight during Covid. Neither of us are married.

    • Thanks for the context!

    • For me I always thought my wife would eventually give up the ass but she never did so I went out and found a mistress willing to do anal and who would let me rim her and also tongue-fuck her asshole. My mistress Nicole loves the penetration, whether its my tongue or my cock. I love the way YOU describe slipping your dick into Samantha's warm shit. God, that is so perfect. When I do that to Nicole and after a few moments begin to withdraw, I can feel the shit starting to ooze out of her. I love the idea and then the feel of this beautiful woman knowingly shitting right on me. She loves it too. She tells me all the time that one day she will call my wife and tell her, "I thought you ought to know that I 've been shitting and pissing all over your husband, and on his penis, and even in this mouth. I've been marking my territory. He may be your husband, honey, but he's my property. NO TRESPASSING."

    • For whatever it's worth, you and your girlfriend need to end his form of sexplay where you take her fecal matter, urine and /or menstrual fluids into your mouth, whether or not you swallow it. Just having it in your mouth can leave behind some or all of the bacteria, germs or parasites that accompany human waste and those can getwashed into your stomach and routed out into your system when you later eat normal food or drink even water. . Remember, her discharges can (and probably do) carry disease or disease-causing microbes, whether or not she has symptoms or has been diagnosed. This includes some really serious monsters, up to Hepatitis. Plus, the entries here regarding your experiences might encourage other less-hardy people to engage in the same activities but with far more dangerous and perhaps even damaging results. Just my two cents but I think you should stop the risky behaviors and end the blogs, no matter how much fun they may seem, and find other ways to titillate and amuse each other.

    • I could sure be wrong but I dont think the OP was conducting a poll or trying to influence anybody else to join into his fun. I think he was just talking about finding pleasure in an unexpected way. That attitude should have more value than many people here often give it. Sorry to interfere . . . . .

    • Fortunately your two cents is just that. Not sure why so many well intentioned do gooders even come to this site. Your opinion is not worth shit ironically.

    • Dirty Thursday - met Samantha for an early date. She was disappointed because she had already went poo.. She said she didnt wipe though… She pay on her tummy and spread and was totally dirty. I cleaned her and licked her ass for a while. She finds it soothing. By the end she was very relaxed, I dipped my cock into her pussy for lube and moved my cock to her ass. As soon as I was inside I knew it was dirty. I could feel it on every stroke. I pulled out and my cock was filthy. Literally smeared in shit. Her asshole was ringed in shit and I sucked and licked her until nothing remained. I really got a mouthful. I put my cock back in her ass and came deep in her guts. We lay exhausted with my cock in her ass and fell asleep.

    • Thank you for telling about the follow up session. Tell more anytime you feel like it. All of it is super sexy and sensual. Much appreciated!!

    • OMG. That is so sweet and beautiful. While you're laying calm together that way, with your hard cock buried deep inside her asshole, does she keep puckering and pulsing and squeezing your shaft with her shitty anus, like trying to milk out ALL your semen? Does she talk dirty to you at those lovely times, getting you to pump her more, so you'll have a much bigger orgasm and totally hose down her guts? Does she like you to tell her you can feel and smell her feces in real time?

    • Mostly it’s just calm quiet time, for me that orgasm is totally exhausting. She was happy to give me what I needed. I just rested with my cock inside her… she loves how I enjoy her. She tasted great today(no taste), mild smell.

    • This may very well be the sexiest woman on the planet. AND the most lovable. If she's single, you can be sure she won't stay that way long.

    • When you take her out on dates, do you occasionally follow her to the ladies room and have her give you a little something to eat and drink??

    • No, its a little too risky. She looks like a soccer mom busy with activities for kids and whatnot…. No one in her normal life would know or suspect about our alternative activities.

    • I hear you! You certainly want her comfortable enough and confident enough to utterly cut fucking loose whenever the mood --- or the urge --- strikes her. Again, congratulations on getting yourself a girl this open, this accommodating, and thus fucking FILTHY!!!! I totally love her and totally admire you!!!

    • I do too. My husband would never do this for me, but I fantasize often about having an affair with a man so loving and romantic and willing and adventuresome, where this was the foundation of out relationship. I desperately want a man to love me THIS much.

    • I guess it could be a love thing but its mostly a taboo kink that we share with a tremendous amount of “trust”, and a thumb in the eye of what most people say is normal. My ex was pretty exploratory and indulged me with golden showers from time to time but she never wanted me licking her ass if she thought she could be dirty except when she was super horny. The furthest I got was licking her ass when camping, when showers were not accessible. Needless to say we went camping a lot.

    • Please, please, please don't sell yourselves short!! PLEASE!!!!! I totally,TOTALLY believe that what you and Samantha have together is LOVE. Is it the conventional, storybook, Valentines, Hollywood, Hallmark, Jane Austen, poetic, literary type of love??? No. nO!!!! It is more potent, lasting, powerful, enriching, deep, fulfilling, warm, and beautiful than all of those combined. Look around you at the couples who SAY they're "in love". Look at your friends. Look at your parents. Look at her parents.Are any of them one-one-millionth as happy as you and Samantha? Do they have one one-billionth of theunbridled lust for each other? I can tell you the answer. IT'S NO!!!
      This is true love. You and she will eventually be married. And soon. And she will spend her life shitting and pissing down your throat. And menstruating in your bed. You will live in her bodily discharges. And live FOR them. All of them.
      And she will keep you supremely happy. Yes . . . . what you and Samantha have is love. And it is real. The next time she shits in your face, thank her, and say, "Samantha, my darling . . . I love you." And then ask for more.

    • Wow!! That is actually inspiring. We have a date tomorrow morning. I am going to share this post and others.. i guess this has to be love, love is a word I try not to use. Once it is said it can’t be contained.

    • "It can't be contained." That is so true. Love is like light, in that way. If you switch on a lamp in one room, in one room, its effect illumines the adjacent room as well, even though the bulb isn't shining or focused there. The love that you and Samantha have does that. It's neither consumed nor contained. Your marriage and your relationship will be bright and comforting and warm. And beautiful.

    • One additional thought on the power of "love" and the inability to contain it. "Loving" someone means caring more about that other person than you care about yourself. That definition explains why we must be careful who we say the word to. You have certainly shown that for Samantha and proved it to her, time and again, placing her pleasure and arousal and satisfaction and exhilaration and happiness FAR above your own. She cannot deny you love her. But neither can YOU deny you love her. In the same way it can't be denied. . . . . it can't be contained. Here's wishing you both all the best!

    • Thanks,

    • Wow!!! This is really incredible!!! Thank you for !etting your readers have a peek at this heavenly girl and your relationship with her!

    • Most disgusting sex I could picture. Not for me at all.

    • Gotta love a woman who's not afraid to shit the sheets! That is total marriage material, yes?

    • Marriage? I think not!

    • Yes she will make an amazing wife. Nobody else would have a wife as good as this! Nobody! She is magnificent!

    • Is Samantha one of those freaky gals who insist that you dive into the Ruby Red River while it's in full flow?? Some ladies get horny AF when it comes that time, and they GOTTA get dicked. They gotta have the beef. And they LOVE the unbelievable mess they make.

    • No, she is not into that. I got my redwings a few years ago and don’t mind the crime scene

    • Will she ever go down on you in ANY way or too ANY degree after you've pulled out of that warm, beautiful and magnificent gape?

    • No, sadly she won’t do that

    • That's unfortunate but does NOT change the beauty, warmth or intimacy of how she so powerfully displays her LOVE for you. JEALOUS!!!

    • Does she shower you with her holy golden blessings? Does she allow you to drink directly from the fountain?

    • Sometimes when I need it. We only do that in the bedroom with no towels or peepads. That way I have to swallow all it right from the fountain. We never do this in the am as coffee makes the taste unbearable

    • You should be living with her, or actually married to her. Don't let her share her LOVE with any other man. You'll be so so so so so sorry if you do!!! Please don't ever let her get away!!!!

    • I am meeting her next Thursday for breakfast. She knows the menu

    • Please write afterwards and tell us what happened.

    • Mmmmm pulling a tasty turd right out of my MILs ass and eating it.

    • My mother-in-law is actually closer to my age than my wife is. And she knows I would leave my wife for her in a heartbeat. To be candid . . . . . I married my wife so I could be near her mom on a regular basis, in hopes of eventually getting with her permanently. I would LOVE to eat that ass of hers every day!!!

    • Tell us about how you managed to get so far with your M-I-L. You are a hero and a miracleworker!! Share your secrets with us . . . or it least a few of them!! Please??!?

    • You go brother!!

    • Nasty fuck

    • And a tasty fuck too!

    • This is one of the sexiest things I have ever read in my entire life!! You are so lucky to have such a romantic girl in your life, and a girl who cares so much about YOU!!!!! She is Wonderful!!!

    • Mmmm make me want to get splash with the splahsy shit

    • Me too!!!!! Goddamn!!!

    • Samantha has definitely very ass

    • I am such a doofus I left out the “dirty”

    • Don't worry over it. MUCH worse mistakes have been made on these pages.At least you caught yours and noted it for the record. Think of it as an errata page or an ironic internal confession addendum. In any event, your observation was right on the money. Right On! Samantha IS a nasty girl and we gotta LOVE nasty girls. ALL OF THEM! Thank you for offering the thought!!!

    • Does she pick her nose? And do you eat THAT, too?

    • No, not into that but I think everyone picks their nose, except maybe you,,, are you the Booger King, the mucus Warlord, are you hoarding boogers, or are you just a fuck stick who shouldn’t bother posting shit,? … ironic right.

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