Eating Samantha’s very ass

For as long as I can remember I have loved eating women’s asses. I love nothing more than my mouth tonguing and sucking that lovely tight smelly hole. I also love anal sex. One day I was fucking Samantha in the ass with her on top. It was amazing but it started to feel different and I could tell it was getting very messy. She wanted to stop and go to the bathroom, but I told her not to, that I actually preferred it dirty. She said its going to be a lot more than dirty, that she was going to full on shit. I got super excited and i could feel her shit covering my cock. She paused and eased her dirty hole off me. The look on her face was of great relief as she shit on me. She then rode my cock some more before she finally couldn’t take any more and went to the bathroom. I was a mess, the bed was a mess. I went into the bathroom while she was getting ready to wipe and told her not too. We stood in the shower and I continued to shove my filthy cock into her filthy hole. By this point she was completely opened up and fully gaped. I turned the water off to rinse her a little. I watched the shitty water at our feet circle the drain. I was as turned on as I had ever been and went to my knees to rim her knowing full well how dirty she was. It was amazing. I cleaned her hole with my mouth. I was very thorough. The feel of her shitty asshole on my mouth, how open and loose she was drove me mad and I came hard. The smell was very off putting but I did not care, the taste not really an issue. Though I only ate a little my face and nose were covered in shit. We dont see each other often but she knows if I am calling thats what I want. She is cool with it, I have worked my way up to the point where when she can, She shits directly into my mouth. I spit it out but always clean her with my mouth.

6 months ago


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    • I won’t get to see Sam before I travel for work. I have been craving her delicious dirty asshole for days…I love how she opens it wide for me to clean her.. I wish I could share the before and after photos… it super turns me on. It seems like forever since I have felt her warm soft shit sliding up and down my cock… I have gotten so accustomed to our dirty games that I have to concentrate to enjoy vanilla sex… I miss the smell and taste of her shit… i miss how hard I cum when I know my cock is covered in her shit.

    • Well we were not able to meet in the last couple of weeks as she contracted Covid. I am starving for her. We are both vaxxed btw. I did hook up with an old friend who excels at anal orgasms. I used my hands my cock and a duffle bag full of toys on her. I used my fav beaded toy on her that has the biggest bead as the first one. It almost guarantees that when I pull it out it will be covered in shit. And it was, after removing it I ate her hungry shit covered hole. She was too busy squirting and cumming to notice that I cleaned and ate her filthy ass. Her only comment was I hope I wasnt dirty…. I just smiled and told her she was just fine though she could clearly see the shit covered beads.

    • We are on for Thursday, we are meeting early so hopefully she will be full. I am not going to let her release it into my mouth(its a lot), just gonna clean her after. I am going to give her a piss enema and then pound her ass. I want her to release when I am cumming. This play will be in the shower and should be especially messy.

    • I tried several times to convince my boyfriend to let me love him this way, but no go. I finally found a lovely married gentleman who enjoys experimenting and he not only allowed it, but he fell in love with me because of it! Eventually, he will leave his wife and children for me.

    • Where are you, I want to know all about you

    • I'm 26 swf, boyfriend is 35, we live in GA. My affair partner is 51 and I work with this wife, which is how we first met, and he really really loves me and adores my shit and my piss. His wife has no idea that he and I are a couple or how nasty he can be for me. ONLY me!!!

    • You should get a unmarried guy of your own and don't break this man's marriage and his family into pieces. That's just not cool. You wouldn't want another girl to bust up your marriage. "Do unto others . . . ". Chill!!!

    • You should tell us how u guys started playing this way. I am glad you found a partner for this part of your sexuality

    • God what a nasty bitch

    • Just how I like her

    • I like that you been fucking all the shit outta this hot chick. OMG.

    • LITERALLY fucking the shit outta her!! God,yes!

    • I love the feel of her soft serve when I am pounding her. She comes so hard

    • It's really nice that you expressed it that way. I've been following all your posts since you began and have actually even been thinking of Samantha's shit as a form of sexual ejaculate when you've driven her to her crashing climax. You know how some women "squirt" when they cum? I fantasize that Samantha shits whenever you give her one of "those" special orgasms! I love your description of feeling her soft-serve when you pound her just right: it's a fecal orgasm! So beautiful!! Your writing is like poetry! Like a Shakespearean love sonnet!! Thank you!!!

    • Excellent, glad you appreciate it. I never thought my anal obsession would get to this point. She is the only one I would trust to indulge in this activity with. I have a feeling there is a lot more Samantha’s out there and a lot more of me’s. We just broke through the taboo barrier and never looked back.

    • You should write a book. Seriously.

    • I see her again on Thursday, hopefully it will be messy.

    • Wish I would find a girl like you got

    • OMG Super Hot. Is there anything she wont do

    • Dirty Thursday - met Samantha for an early date. She was disappointed because she had already went poo.. She said she didnt wipe though… She pay on her tummy and spread and was totally dirty. I cleaned her and licked her ass for a while. She finds it soothing. By the end she was very relaxed, I dipped my cock into her pussy for lube and moved my cock to her ass. As soon as I was inside I knew it was dirty. I could feel it on every stroke. I pulled out and my cock was filthy. Literally smeared in shit. Her asshole was ringed in shit and I sucked and licked her until nothing remained. I really got a mouthful. I put my cock back in her ass and came deep in her guts. We lay exhausted with my cock in her ass and fell asleep.

    • Most disgusting sex I could picture. Not for me at all.

    • What a dirty prick he is eh he needs to see a phyico he really does

    • Is Samantha one of those freaky gals who insist that you dive into the Ruby Red River while it's in full flow?? Some ladies get horny AF when it comes that time, and they GOTTA get dicked. They gotta have the beef. And they LOVE the unbelievable mess they make.

    • No, she is not into that. I got my redwings a few years ago and don’t mind the crime scene

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