How where you told about sex?

Ladies - how did you find out about sex? Was it from school, mother, older sister, friends? My wife said that it was mainly her school friends (she went to an all girls school) and her older sister.

18 days ago

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    • 6th or 7th grade, one of our friends in our little group of guys was/is a pervert and he would always talk about sex and we watched porn with him. He always wanted us to see each other's cock. Found out later he is gay. Guess he wanted to "fit in" by talking sex and porn with us. Another was a classmate in science, pervert too but straight. Always talked about boobs. Kind of let to experimenting and finding out all about it on my own. Built up from there.

    • My mom read books full of romance and sex, I started reading them when I was probably ten or so but did not fully understand all of it. One day she was reading and I asked her something like I do not get this part about what they are doing in this other book and her answer back to me was that I would get it one day. So in a way she told me about sex without even being dirty about it.

    • So when I was 12, which was 7 years ago, I found in my parent's room (they collect all sorts of weird stuff) these cards from the 70s, playing cards made by a company called "Swedish Erotica." They are sooooooooo out there. All the guys have afros and big moustaches and and all the ladies are saggy and have big bushes and the sex is SUPER hardcore on these things. I became kind of totally obsessed with these cards. Like obsessed that all sex is somehow 1970s. It's kind of hard to explain. When I got into high school there was this little clique of kids who were kind of 70s retro and I fucked every one of them, even the girls, and I knew a crazy amount of weird shit to do. Yeah I was warped by these things but still I'm thankful I guess. I'm in college now and have a steady bf and yeah he owns a vintage Firebird.

    • I'm an old pervert dude, and learned sex from the gutter, and the Swedish Erotica playing cards were my gateway. At eleven years old I, literally, couldn't make heads or tails from what I was seeing. But, being a quick study, I got it figured out.

    • When I was around 11 my mother tried to tell me but it was a more of embarrassed mumbling, never really got to the point. I had an older sister who was 14 at the time and sort of dating. I told her what mom had tried to tell me and she then went into detail about cocks, erection, sperm etc. It was a lot to take in at the time but over the next few months she told me more about making out, being fingered and making a boy 'cum'. When she actually has sex a year or so later she told me about it and said that it hurt a bit but that she would do it again. Perhaps not the best sex education but I did remember what she told me when I started to play around with boys.

    • I'm a guy, so not sure if my comment counts, but my older sister told me about sex too. I was maybe 12 when same thing. My mom tried to give me the talk, and couldn't do it. So my sister gave me the talk instead. Not that she knew much, she was only 16, so not much older than me. Anyway so she's giving me the talk and I jokingly said she should show me on her own body so I know what the fuck she's talking about. She of course said no, but I just kept playing dumb like I had no idea what she was talking about. Finally she told me not to tell and got up and locked the door. Then she stripped naked and started pointing out her nipples. Finally she sat on the bed and spread her legs, showing me her vagina and her clit. I could not believe she actually showing me her body. My dick got so fucking hard, I wanted to touch and fuck her. She smacked my hand away and said if I touched her again, the education would be over. I ran to the bathroom afterwards and shot my load in two strokes. That was the first time I had ever seen a naked woman in person.

    • My older sister had a boyfriend as a freshman in highschool. I was 6th grade at the time, and she had just gotten home from her date. We didn't have much, so my sister and I shared a bedroom. She woke me up coming to bed, so I sat up and asked how her date went. I thought her boyfriend was hunky, so I wanted all the details. Plus we were like best friends. I remember her sitting on my bed, telling me about how they started kissing, and then how they got undressed, and how she rolled the condom on him. I remember thinking "GROSS", but at the same time wishing I had been the one out with him. She explained in detail about the penitration and how it felt. She told me how "in love" they were, with that gleam in her eye as if he was her prince charming. She instead broke up with him a week later because some new guy caught her eye. Guess she wasn't that in love with him after all.

    • Growing up I used to snoop around in my parents' room and came across some porn mags and a few videos that my dad had. They were shocking yet mesmerizing. Just seeing cocks and cum was totally fascinating. I think my parents learned that I found them, because they threw them all away one day.

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