How where you told about sex?

Ladies - how did you find out about sex? Was it from school, mother, older sister, friends? My wife said that it was mainly her school friends (she went to an all girls school) and her older sister.

3 months ago

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    • When I was around 11 my mother tried to tell me but it was a more of embarrassed mumbling, never really got to the point. I had an older sister who was 14 at the time and sort of dating. I told her what mom had tried to tell me and she then went into detail about cocks, erection, sperm etc. It was a lot to take in at the time but over the next few months she told me more about making out, being fingered and making a boy 'cum'. When she actually has sex a year or so later she told me about it and said that it hurt a bit but that she would do it again. Perhaps not the best sex education but I did remember what she told me when I started to play around with boys.

    • Growing up I used to snoop around in my parents' room and came across some porn mags and a few videos that my dad had. They were shocking yet mesmerizing. Just seeing cocks and cum was totally fascinating. I think my parents learned that I found them, because they threw them all away one day.

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