How do I ask my wife to arrange a gangbang for me

22 days ago

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    • Send me a picture of her I would love to see her nude.

    • Same boat happened to me at a Hotels new year's party by accident a year and a half ago right after we got married. Now Becky wants me to do it again?

    • How much open your sex life? . Jumping from one sex partner to a room full of dicks and pussies is not acceptable to any one even hookers.

    • Catch her cheating. My Rose was caught giving her boss a blowjob in his office. He was fired and she was put on probation. I told her you help me pick up young ladies for my FMF sex fantasy, or it's divorce. Really I'm more embarrassed the dumb ass was caught doing the dirty deed than I'm hurt, but it's well documented - she'd get really fucked in a divorce. So why not take advantage. She agreed to do it only on vacation far from home. I don't need licks pussy too on my resume, she said something like that.
      She can pick up women. She tells them I'm her ex and best friend, we split because of jobs 1,000 apart. She goes after young ladies at our beach hotel pool or bar. She'll befriends them and check if they're on Tender. "She's on Tinder, her pussy is open for business." or something like that. Amy 32 was our best one, we spit roast her. Rose licked her pussy while Amy sucked my dick, then I took turns fucking them. We stayed friends with Amy did her 3 more times. Rose says she licks pussy only to be part of the 3 way. But she cums doing it. Karen 65 -- that's another story

    • I think you just drive to the part of town that has a street named after Martin Luther King Jr. and let the residents do the rest

    • Yeah go to the hood and yell “rapin time! Get your fresh rape meat!” and watch em all come runnin!

    • It's in the Yellow Pages under G.

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