Horse Cock

We are getting a pony in a couple of weeks. He is entire, that's what we wanted and I want to play with his cock and maybe get him to cum on me or in my mouth.
What I want to know is how do you get him hard, what does it feel like to hold and what does horse cum taste like?

24 days ago


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    • I work at a stud yard breading horses, Pippa01 do let us know how you get on, once a gelding knows what’s going on you are in trouble!

    • Thank you Pippa01 for your replies. You ROCK

    • Fuck you wetnhorny You ain't fooling anyone dude! Get the fuck out of here sick fuck! Dumb ass

    • And you lie dude!

    • I wish you luck and be careful

    • You won't be able to take it, the stretching would be painful. Better stick to a big dog!

    • Yes it can be very painful stretching. Dog is better choice. As far taste it's not much different from human cum.

    • I don't want him in my pussy! I never said I wanted to do that.

    • When horny it's possible. It is difficult to refrain when fully hot.

    • Ultimately any horny woman would like to take it in her pussy ...

    • Yes of course.

    • I read that you wanted to possibly lube up your ponies dick and try to bring him to a climax, not put in your pussy.
      I still want to know how much sperm you get out of him.
      Let us know.

    • Fuck you Pippa01 you ani't fooling anyone dude! You ain't got a pussy unless you call your ass your boy-bussy! Your story like you, are nothing but bull shit!

    • Sorry, Pippa is a biological female and she is going to give the pony (his name is Algernon, btw) a nice long sweet blowjob, and when the pony shoots his big fat load it will go in her mouth and down her throat. Deal with it! Pippa has been watching all the pony suckoff videos on pervertslut dot com to prepare. She thinks she can handle it.

    • How do the fuck you know that sick fuck! It's a guy asshole!

    • I am Pippa's brother in law and am the one facilitating the sale of the pony to her. Does that make sense to you or do I have to draw you a picture?

    • Its flavor is not unlike that of yak semen.

    • Horses (and other nonhuman animals) can't consent. Stick to MLP clopfic you sick bastard.

    • In fact, you are incorrect. Dogs are perfectly capable of showing their intent, as you well know. They communicate quite well with humans. You know that, so why did you say what you did?

    • Once again you are wrong asshole! When a dog does that, it is instinct that drives him to reproduce! You know nothing about animals! Just another asshole kid writing bull shit stories.

    • His reply was about horses, not dogs. I can tell them apart.

    • It's fake shit form some screw up boy writing this bull shit!

    • It's fake shit from some screw up boy writing this bull shit! Sorry for typo!

    • I hope I can fuck Pippa's corpse after it's torn apart by Trigger!

    • Sick arsehole.

    • These dumb animal lovers watch too much porn! They have no idea how a horse or pony acts when it is not castrated! They get very temperamental and can kill with one good kick!
      One sick fuck found out the hard way when a horse stuffed all his cock in his ass causing him to die!

    • I've been thinking about your reply; how many people drive cars and how many accidents are there each year? I have no intention of letting him fuck my pussy. There has been one death from a misguided guy having anal sex, yet you're counseling me on having sex?

    • What the fuck does a driving cars have to do with illegal sex with animals? Get real you are a sick boy or man!
      Second when that animal decides to thrust his cock in your mouth or ass, there isn't any thing you are going to do! That animal can damage you throat with ease. Making you choke on your own blood (hope that happens)! If that animal even steps on you, you will be sorry that you ever messed with him!

      You must be a virgin asshole that no one would even get close to you to want to have gay assed sex with you. Don't even start with I'm a female you sick fuck, there is no fucking way anyone will believe that crap!

    • I’ve always wondered how much sperm a pony releases when they cum. Good luck with your new animal and please give us your success story in a future post and let us know the amount.

    • Definitely sick and twisted!

    • Animals are awesome fun to be sexual with and males get hard with stimulation just like men do. Taste is a personal thing, and can vary depending on the animal's diet, but you'll have heaps of fun and so will your pet. Always treat your pets well and they'll give you a great deal of pleasure.

    • I once had a cow on heat. Her pussy felt slick and too warm for my invading cock in ... I came too soon, alas!!

    • We have three dogs and they are very well cared for. I will treat Ash the same.

    • Dogs and calves are my favourites. My partner especially loves to watch me get sucked off by a calf, which turns me on heaps, and there's no problem getting them to suck as it's natural for a calf. Have fun.

    • I am sure you will take care of Ash. The comments seems that everyone is jealous. So get to know Ash and share with us more stories. I promise you that I will read it while rubbing my clit

    • Fuck you wetnhorny You ain't fooling anyone dude! Get the fuck out of here sick fuck.

    • I'm sure it will rip you a new asshole

    • A horse is a horse
      Of course of course
      And no-one can have sexual intercourse with a horse
      Unless of course that horse of course
      Is the famous Mr. Ed!

      Good night Wilburrrrrrr

    • Something is wrong with my reaction button so I could not click "like", but I like your response.

    • This is just totally HILARIOUS!!!
      And you've gotten me to confess how old I am!
      I really hate when that happens!!!

    • Kill yourself sick fuck! God you must be so hideous to resort to animal sex because no one will fuck you!

    • And here you are on a sex confessions site! You saw the title of the thread and you still read it! Heehee

    • I don't imagine she has much trouble getting men to line up for her. She's clearly a deep sensualist. She just believes the maxim that "variety is the spice of life." She's likely done a LOT of things the rest of us haven't. That's admirable.

    • First of all more then likely it is a male! If it was a woman and there is truth to that story or she is having sex with an animal! I would not go any where near that diseased rat!

    • Thank you! I love what I am and I think the guy above is probably jealous! Lol!

    • What kind of an animal are you that you would resort to having sex with an animal! Really an animal? That is so disgusting! Hell animals don't cross breed in the wild and you dude are lower than them! I hope you pony bites your cock off or kicks you in the head!

    • What is a liger? Or a tigon? Or a mule? Why do dogs like to have sex with humans? Dig deeper. You probably don't agree with any form of homosexuality either do you? It's the modern world, you need to learn to accept the world is moving faster than you can keep up, honey!

    • Those animals where artificially inseminated to make those species asshole! Man crossbreeding animals dumb ass. Lions and tigers have been around longer then man has been and there was no Ligers a 100 years ago!
      As for dogs liking sex with humans that's pure bull shit. They are in heat and pure instinct driving a dog to hump a persons leg! Dogs are incapable of thinking, everything they do is by instinct! It's called learned instinct ass wipe. When training dogs instinct tells them how to act! Moron. You know nothing about animals

    • I guess you must have some kind of experience?

      "In 1798, Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire (1772–1844) made a colour plate of the offspring of a lion and a tiger."
      "In 1825, G. B. Whittaker made an engraving of liger cubs born in 1824."
      Artificial insemination?

      "Even if an animal is neutered, they may still seek sexual gratification and will do so by mounting another of their species, or even their owner. This behavior is seen quite often in the wild, especially among primates and occurs not only between the opposite sex, but many times the same sex. This does not mean they are homosexual as was once thought. They are simply seeking sexual gratification with any willing participant."

      I'm sure you could have done the research yourself, but you seem like a know-all. I have been a zoo for sixteen years. But I guess your own experience is far greater.

    • In 1784, the first artificial insemination in a dog was reported by the scientist Lazzaro Spallanzani Wow WTF idiot

    • You only enforced what I said! Man cross breaded those animals not nature Shit head. Sorry if I'm off a few years.
      I grew up on my grandfathers farm. He had cows, chickens, pigs and a few horses! You are full of shit!
      You castrate a bull and it don't want sex ever again after a few weeks! Horses when they got old enough and testosterone starts flowing they would become unruly dangerous animals and that's when the vet came and castrated them. The same thing happened to the horses, they would calm down and forget sex ass wipe.

      Even the sick fucks here say you don't have sex with a Pit Bull they are just too dangerous. Thats because when a male dog knots a female dog they will bite down on the bitches neck to stay knotted. They often bite down hard enough to draw blood! All dogs when knotting will bite down to hold on.
      Sick fucks that have sex with dogs have been bitten on their backs and necks! You have watched too much porn there is someone out of scene handling the dog!

      Dogs that are neutered or spayed, will sometimes mount other dogs, but not for sex. It is for domination over the other dog idiot! It's called pack order numb nuts!
      So fuck you asshole! You are a sick fucking guy and that's it! Don't even start with I'm a female shit. we can see right through you asshole! You must be one lonely fuck to want sex with a pony or any animal or drink their semen. Thats fucking nasty dude!
      Animals can't think and don't know what you are doing is fucking wrong! They have an excuse for their actions. Whats your excuse? Go pull you little pud sick fuck!

    • PS the primates are doing that for domination too. If one don't give in then bloodshed happens. Gibbons, as well as orangutans and gorillas, are anthropoid apes, the primates that most closely resemble humans, physically and behaviorally. Male and female gibbons are regarded as monogamous. They pair up for life and form a family that stays together until the offspring grow up and leave home.
      If you worked at a zoo you would know that!
      One animals can't think and two with out testosterone the sex drive is eliminated.
      If we could castrate males like you. Then you would not be able to get your little pud up or have a sex drive! The animals and society would be thankful.

    • I don't have a cock!

    • Just because you had it cut off don't make you a woman! Just a male with mutilated genitals! Dumb fuck!

    • You want it

    • Exactly. He's jealous and wants her for himself, but realizes he won't be able to compete or make her as happy as the bigboy!!!

    • Jealous of sex with a animal! That is about as low as you can get! Eew gross and nasty!

    • That's not even a plausible front, dude. Like the rest of us, you'd cut off one of your arms for just a chanceto make love to this girl. Plus, none of us would be satisfied for it to be just a one-time thing. We'd all be begging her to "MARRY ME!!" Oh. My. Fucking.God!!! What a woman!!!!!

    • Boy you must be lonely to think like that! Whores and sluts not a chance! A nasty bitch who has sex with an animal would get lead in her head ASAP!

    • Lotta big empty talk. This girl is a highly intelligent, adventurous romantic, with a huge and insatiable appetite for sex of all kinds and every permutation; in short, she is what every man wants and needs and what all of us dream about having as a wife and life partner. IS she nasty? Oh dear God YES, but that's a part of what makes her SOOOO exciting and what makes her perfect. This is a woman we buy diamonds and furs and Porsche and condos for. We ALL want to put a ring on it!!!!

    • Nasty girls are always by far the most fun and the most sexiest. They hot AF!! That's this girl too for sure. She tooooooooo fiiiiiiiiiiiine. Everybody want her and love her being that nasty!!!! Shes super marriage material!!!

    • How the fuck do you know for sure that is a female! You are one desperate fuck to believe that. And even a bigger sick fuck to want that douche bag if it was a female! It is a fucking guy playing with both of your heads dummy.

    • Your little pony is known for biting and kicking.

    • Fuck you wetnhorny You ain't fooling anyone dude! Get the fuck out of here sick fuck!

    • Yes, that does bother me. I will respect him, he's much bigger than me! If he isn't interested that is perfectly ok, he's still a handsome animal. His new home is almost built now. I hope he enjoys living out here with us.

    • I hope he bites your tiny cock off and runs away! You'r lower then rat excrement!

    • You're = you are
      You'r = ?

    • You really couldn't figure out what that meant, you dimwit?

    • Someone that needs some E.

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