Wife was having sex with her male friend

When I met my wife she was already friends with this guy whom everyone knew was gay. He acted more feminine than any straight guy i have ever known. He would go shopping with the girls, and do all kinds of girly things with them. So naturally we all knew he was gay. That is until I came home from a golf trip early and found my wife fucking this guy. She claims they were just experimenting, and she was doing nothing but helping her gay friend understand what it felt like to have sex with a woman. My wife claims it's no different then had she rubbed tits with one of her naked female friends.

23 days ago

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    • My wife's got no idea that her gay guy friend from work and his manfriends been fucking me for months. I guess her chastising me for "being a little uptight about the gay thing" went a little too far?" It's true that "once you've been there you can't go back." We're in our early twenties as her gay friend Perry is. Perry's manfriend James is in his fifties and having a good conversation with him while our "better halfs" were shopping. Talking about "tolerance" led into some sultry confession fueled by wine. I admitted that I'd crushed on other boys in my preteens and early teen years and had a few relationships. That seemed to excite the both of us and I slept with him.

    • I'm glad I wasn't married when I did that. I had a guy friend that hung out with us and we were pretty sure he was closet gay, even to himself. During a slumber party that got naughty we basically got him to experiment and mess around with most of us. He even lost his V-card. Anyways, we were still mixed on believing or not if he was gay or bi. He basically admitted to be at least bi as he enjoyed us but he wanted to try men. We kind of made our own conclusions about him and let him be himself without outing him. He has kids from his first marriage, but he is now married to a man. I could be wrong but I feel like your wife might be telling her truth

    • My older sister had "a gay friend " who'd stay over with the girls at sleepovers. I was a cutie of a 12 year old and in puberty and quite impressionable too. Well at these sleepovers my sisters gay friend Ricky got a regular taste of me both orally and anally too. This continued after school and even in school when I started high school. I mean he's like the only one because I date girls but I'm 18 now and at my sister's wedding I slept with him and his boyfriend????

    • I agree with you. Me and my friends had a gay guy friend in highschool. Our moms let him spend the night because obviously he was one of us girls. One night we were all spending the night at my friend Jenny's house, and naturally we started talking about boys. Our gay friend Jason said he really likes this boy in his Algebra class. I don't remember who asked first, but we kept asking him if he was sure he himself was gay before asking a guy out. He hesitated, and the next think I knew, we were all naked trying to get his penis hard. We got him hard and a few of us girls even had intercourse with him. He's still gay and has a boyfriend today, but we know he's at least bisexual.

    • Umm.she lied to you...you've been duped...

    • My wife and I have been ethically non monogamous since we started dating,its very much alot of fun. Currently she bangs 3 different guys (separately)and I've come home to hear some serious action taking place upstairs. Little does she know that nowadays I usually sit and listen and bust my nut to her sexy moans.

    • If he's really gay then he will have no trouble coming over and sucking your cock dry. And your wife can't say shit because it's exactly what she did

    • Exactly.... that makes sense...

    • Act gay so he can get chicks. Oldest play in the book.

    • Now you can get your wife to fuck all of your friends just like you want.

    • Get a good divorce lawyer!

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