I want to try sucking cock

I am straight man 48 as a young boy i had a best friend who was gay to the max one day we was in my room and he gave me head was amazing but when he took his cock out I backed out and didn’t suck it and now I wished I would of cuz my craving for a cock in my mouth is out of control I only want to suck cocks and get my cock sucked too I want to lick it want to feel it in my mouth want to taste that cum I want to deepthroat any cock if you want me too think you might like it hit me up

26 days ago


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    • I understand completely. I recently had my first affair with another cross dresser. "She" was tall and pretty too. Wearing a short skirt pantyhose and high heels too. I enjoyed slowly licking and sucking "her" clitty cock. I'm all horny and love having a little kinky fun with someone who also wears pantyhose. I like to rub my nylons against yours.

    • The best part is sucking your own shit off that pussy scabby dick

    • Ok but BEST part?

    • You're straight like spaghetti: straight until it gets hot.

    • Don't miss your opportunity to enjoy sucking cock. You'll love it.

    • Don't want to hit you up! But I wouldn't mind dragging you behind my pickup truck!

    • Lemme drag my cock on your face behind your truck big boy (;

    • Ew you might get some on your pickup truck

    • Your pickup truck ain't the only thing getting some cum on it darling (;

    • Not with a 20' chain!

    • Ill fuck ya until you love me and my 20' cock daddy

    • Beyond the grave

    • Good point

    • Yes it makes doing doughnuts a whole new experience!

    • I'll make glazed donuts around your asshole and give you a whole new experience sweet cheeks (;

    • No thanks fag!

    • "I am a straight man, but I'm also a big fat gay faggy faggot who needs hot cock." Perhaps you should stop starting 200-word run-on sentences with "I'm a straight man."

    • You’re still here!! Stop the hate speech and fucking get therapy already!! You closeted gay guy!!

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