Fucked three guys at a pool party

I untied my bikini and fucked three guys at pool party. My friends think I'm a slut, but it was a great time and no harm done.

2 months ago


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    • You’re parents must be so proud of you!

    • I learned from my mom

    • On Sunday I drank like ten of these vodka/watermelon punch things and then started sucking guys off in the hot tub and they were all lining up -- I'd sucked off three and the fourth one (Gerry, fuck you Gerry) grabbed my head and was really throat fucking me deep and I puked hard, filling the hot tub with gallons of puke and jizz and half-digested hot dogs and all these girls screamed and jumped out and that was kind of the end of the party.

    • I woulda made you suck me off in a jacuzzi bubbling full of hot 🤮

    • I get hard thinking of a hot tub full of steamy jizz and vomit

    • Invite me and I will them enjoy my pussy too.

    • I quite often invite friends over to fuck my wife, usually 3 to 8 at a time and she loves it. I also participate and really enjoy to see how much she enjoys it.

    • Have fun. spread the fun and share

    • ...some std's

    • I’d love to see pics of you kinky girls that know how to take multiple cocks.

    • My record is SIX guys at a pool party! And now that it's summer I bet I can beat that record! Specially now that I've grown something on top! I'm almost a B cup so I wanna see if I can get three guys to do me AT ONCE! Wish me luck!!!

    • More power for you. Not a slut just enjoying the present. What about the girls around, do they arouse you? I wish I can give you ten likes. I wish I can scissor you.

    • Fuck you wetnhorny You ain't fooling anyone dude! Get the fuck out of here sick fuck!

    • Yes! They are all wet n horny! That's why I always carry a black rubbery 24" dildo with me at all times that we can double team. Me and this midget chick did that just last night while a bunch of dudes pissed all over us. SOOOO AWESOME

    • Typical girl, has more abortions than coherent thoughts

    • ^Jealous that he wasn't one of the three lucky guys. I know he feels that way . . . . . . because I feel that way, too.

    • I'm not saying it's a BAD thing, since the world needs sluts just like it needs ditch diggers. They just die young and forgotten.

    • I don’t see anything wrong with mutual friends enjoying each other’s company for a little fun in the pool. The only problem is all that cum making egg drop soup.

    • My wife's bestfriend is rich and she has a pool in her backyard. We want over to have a little fun. Me and her husband were sitting on the edge drinking a beer when the girls threw something at us. I held up my wife's top, then looked up to see both ladies topless. Me and her husband looked at eachother and both said at the same time, this is going to be a good night. We fucked our wives in the pool right next to eachother.

    • Brilliant!!

    • Yes this is just what being young is FOR!!

    • It's the new normal

    • My hot Bible Club wife, Jill, and her classmate Cindy and her husband Bill, get together Friday nights poolside for happy hour -- we bbq burgers, have beers -- at dusk we skinny dip. The girls with their Bible jingo talk about how we're all so tempted to stray, it's our nature and we must all confront temptation. It started as a blindfold birthday surprise - BIll and I have BD the same week, Cindy gave me a blowjob while Jill gave Bill one. Next morning Jill says, maybe a little taboo, maybe too many beers but it was just blowjobs. The girls later conjure that sucking the wrong dick was like penance, a divine thing. And as long as they do it together, and never ever fuck, -- it's a good thing -- a temptation fix. penance. I can hear Cindy like humming something, like praying while she's on her knees sucking my dick. She quickly retreats after I cum in her mouth. Like she regrets what she just did. 5 minutes later "i'm good, I get so caught up in that." Jill does Bill's like she was paid $2. Sorta like Cindy's spiritual BJ better. They did us 20x, then we had kids -- still see each other 40 years later.

    • What is BD?

    • Thanks for the explanation. Much appreciated!

    • Birthday, sorry for abbreviating

    • Not slutty at all, I actually encourage my wife to do this, it's so hot

    • Your right. This is completely hot. Like, scalding!!

    • Me n my boyfriend went to a pool party. He got drunk, so I jerked off another guy in the pool.

    • You are real amazing, and your boyfriend is real lucky to be with you! OMG! Oh sweet baby, you are so hot!!!! Goddamn!!!!! I bet the guy in the pool still thinks about you every day of this life and wishes he could be with you again!!!

    • WOW! you know after fucking two guys you can take more hard cocks into your slippery juice flowing cunt at ease ... they won't feel the difference between a cow's cunt and yours but dump their loads all the same ....

    • Except to your reputation, slut! Have fun being thirty and alone.

    • This girl will NEVER be alone, not at ANY age.

    • I think by alone the commenter meant unmarried and without children. Yes she'll get taken home by men at the bar but will feel a great spiritual emptiness being a cum dumpster. Don't get me wrong, she provides a useful societal service.

    • Is that a problem? If she enjoys it, surely that's enough? I'm unmarried, I don't have kids, my gf and her daughter live with me and I am very happy at 30.

    • Men don't get it.

    • Happiness is why we do what we do.

    • Fuck you wetnhorny You ain't fooling anyone dude! Get the fuck out of here sick fuck.

    • Well-said!! Thanks for making an important point and doing it calmly and coherently. We don't often see that around here. Much appreciated,my friend.

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