Updating taking on a huge cock

Well four of us lesbians went back to this farm where the small ponies were and we enjoyed taking on the horse cock and getting bread and totally full of cum with now the rancher watching us and breeding us and sticking his 8 inch cock in our ass while taking turns till he would cum in one of us . While laying on the table getting pumped by a horse and very horny I seen off to the side this stallion with his cock out and hanging down about 2 feet and thrusting up and down some ,after cumming many times and pumped full of horsey cum I asked the farmer while I was still on the table if he could bring that stallion over and he said sure but his head of his cock was very large and weird looking and the ring around his cock was back about 8 inches with another 14 inches following his ring and around 10 inches of girth and his head of his cock was around 12 inches of girth but very soft and easy to get inside with some pussy lube . I had my tummy touching his and that made him thrust while I guided his cock in my pussy , I spread my legs very wide and lifted up my ass and took his cock in me up to his ring about 8 inches and I released my muscles cause he was getting harder and started to go in deeper while I was thrusting into him , when I felt his ring well deep inside and now about 12 inches in and hitting bottom very much so and my cervix felt like it was swelling up or opening some not sure but felt good and soon as I thrust a little harder he all of a sudden began to thrust some and little spurts of cum was splashing into my cervix making me cum . Then it happened he pushed hard and thrust forward moving my little body which he was in very deep and his very large head of his cock swelled up very big and acted like a plunger going in and out till he gave it the last few pushes and cum and pumped about 10 times with filling my pussy so full my belly was going up and down at the same time , then he stopped and his cock went soft but the head of his cock was very swelled up and popped when it fell out with about 4 cups of cum running out of me and down mt ass and legs . I rolled over and off and lay on the ground with cum still running out and passed out with my whole body shacking . I now have done a big one with going back many times in a month taking on his large girth and cum with now reaching 14 inches inside me and really stretching my pussy and then with a lot of lube on his cock I now take his big cock in my ass and my ;Little tummy goes up and down while getting thrusted with getting pumped full of hot sticky cum . The girls now have started to use their fist inside me to make me cum and one girl has gotten her arm in me almost up to her elbow but she is a small girl with small hands and short arms . I really don't like a big cock in me but I want that big load of cum and do what ever it takes to get it for now I'm a little horny slut and changing into being bi-girl that now wants 2 guys cocks in me or even 3 and pump that hot cum deep inside yes maybe 3 black guys or as long as they have at least 10 inches . Bye for now.

29 days ago

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    • More fake bull shit written by a sick man who can and never will get a woman!

    • That's funny cause if you could see my pics then you would know and also at the age of 28 I got pregnant and had a miss carriage . I also get have still a few bi-girl friends and lesbians and we like animals more then men cause of the in-between baloney .

    • Shut the fuck up dude you ain't fooling anyone!

    • Just because you're too old and ugly to get looked at twice by anybody doesn't mean you can talk shit about us hot horse-fucking dykes you old cow. Also I fucked a cow. Well a steer to be accurate. I would never fuck you you old cow.

    • Damn that’s hot

    • It is hot cause a dogs body and everything is warmer then men .

    • I crave the cum, too. Can't get enough.
      Good luck.

    • Us girls used to make fake cum for our squirting dildos . But everything happened by accident or you may say drinking and a truth or dare thing of who really wanted to penetrated and pumped full of cum . I really like the real thing now especially when it gets really hard and starts to squirt against my cervix .

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