Playing , surprised , raped .

I was 26 at the time of this very first experience . I have a small frame very well figured 36d-19-34 4ft-10, 95lbs. I was a lesbian since I was 12 and yes we used many toys and stuff . In school I was always hit on by guys and girls and going out to bars and clubs I almost got raped by 3 guys but lucky the bouncer showed up just in time. I stayed at one of my girls friends house for a week to do spring cleaning like all the walls , floors , kitchen , etc. I had my tits feeling full at certain times of the month and lactated milk off and on during the day and I was never pregnant but many girls liked to latch on and suck them at times and when I get really horny they want to always leak out some . Well my friend also had this med. to large dog smoky a big lab. and he was very playful and at times grab your leg and hump it and she always told him to sit down and he would lick his cock . I was on all fours washing the floor wearing just a very short sun dress with nothing else . I heard smoky near by and then he grabbed my leg and started to hump it so I moved and that was the wrong thing to do for he thought I was getting into position , he jumped on my back and his claws dug deep into my soft hips and he pulled himself into me . I tried to get away and even lay down but his claws dug in deeper and hurt like hell , this was a loosing battle . I raised my ass up and his claws seem to release some and what a relief then it happened his cock was banging against my leg and ass as he was humping very fast then all of a sudden his cock found its way into my little pussy that is when all hell broke loose he pounded me fast and hard and I could feel his cock getting larger and squirting cum into me which felt really good and intense . I relaxed and now let him do his thing not knowing what was about to happen I felt this larger thing pushing into my pussy and I was so wet cause he made me cum hard and that is when his knot slipped deep inside me with the tip of his cock against my cervix pumping cum into it and that made me cum again and it felt so good as his cock banging fast and trying to get inside me cervix when I exploded for the third time and starting to get week and wanted to just fall down but he kept on pulling my hips into him while his cock was going deeper and deeper till the tip of his cock started to open the little cervix hole and then he stopped and his tip went in some pumping and pumping hot cum directly inside of my cervix while I'm about to have the biggest orgasm of my life with his cum now starting to run down my legs , as he stopped thrusting his cock kept on pumping spurts of cum . I felt his furry body as he tried to turn around and his balls now was touching my clit as he kept on pumping cum and that made me cum again . We were locked for about 20 min. when my girl friend walked in on us very embarrassing as she seen cum running down my legs and dripping from my pussy all over the floor . I now had my first cock and smoky had his first bitch . The next time he started on me I grabbed his cock and started jerking him off and got a tape measure and then started to suck him till I got his knot out and kept on sucking his hot cum then measured his first shaft at 7 inches and his knot was 3 inches and 10 inches around with another 3 inches of a narrow shaft so a total of 13 inches could go deep inside . We now take turns letting him breed us and he has bread each of us 6 times in one day . My next adventure is to have him breed my little ass while using a dildo and my girl friend licking my clit . My girl friends all bought doggy dildos and even some that squirt . I have now been with 5 stray dogs and went to other girls that have dogs and had 10 more . We also have just recently went to a farm that has small ponies with 14 inch cocks and 9 inches around and have been bread by 4 horses now and that is so intense when a horse cums and I cum about at the same time and when his cock gets really hard and the cum shots out like a fire hose leaving you dripping in cum . My tits grew and now 36dd and they leak milk more often and embarrassing at times when shopping or just taking a walk in the park and even sitting at the bar having a drink or two . My little pussy has very strong muscles and I can hold a pencil while standing up but I can also release and take a large cock which happened at a college bar with the football team just winning and I later some how got to be the prime girls in this orgy cause I was drugged and 24 guys all bread me good and pumped many loads of cum in me which did feel good and one boy had a 11 inch cock that hit my cervix and his cum pumped directly into my cervix with 22 pulsating squirts which a lot of it running down my ass and legs . That was the last time for a mans cock and the first . Back to being a lesbian with doggy adventures .

29 days ago

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    • It seems like you have a different meaning for the term "lesbian", my version has a lot less men, semen, and farm animals.

    • Read the first few lines I wrote it says was a lesbian now I'm bi but prefer animals or a real nice guy that knows how to treat a sexy girl

    • You are not a female asshole! Putting on female clothes does not make you female! You are a sick male!

    • Sick dude just sick! Pure made up bull shit! But still sick for you animal lover!

    • Well us girls have many secrets for the most part and most guys see is a sexy body that they want to stick their cock in and then leave . I'm now a Bi-girl that just wants to have a good time but at the sane time some what cautious .

    • YOU ARE NOT FEMALE! Go get a DNA test it will still state you are male!

    • Idiot man

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