I miss watching my wife on his cock

Lot a guys on here are the ones bringing this kink to their wives. My wife is the one who brought it to me. We were having hot sex one night, when out of the blue she asked if it would make me horny watching her have sex with another man. At first I was pissed and it killed the sex. I couldn't understand why she wanted to fuck someone else, and I even accused her of having an affair, which she vehemently denied. A few weeks later I told her I would think about it if she were 100% honest with the questions I was about to ask her. She agreed and I asked if she were fucking anyone else now. She said no. I then asked if there was someone she wanted to fuck. She said yes, and I asked who. She admitted this guy she works with had been flirting with her. He asked for a ride home one day and before he got out of her car, he flashed his dick at her. She admitted to stroking him a few times because she couldn't believe how big he was. She also admitted that he felt her tits under her bra, but then she came to her senses and stopped it. She admitted that she really wanted to have sex with the guy, but didn't want to destroy our marriage, hence why she asked if I would be willing to do a threesome. I asked if she planned on running off with this guy, but she said he's 20 years old where she and I are 42. I realized two things. 1, she at least respected me enough to ask instead of having an affair. 2, she probably going to have an affair if I say no. So I agreed to the threesome. The first time I couldn't believe my eyes. This kids had I bet a 12 inch fat cock easily. He stretched my wife to the max, working het for several minutes trying to get it in her. Even with lubrication, it wouldn't slid in her. Finally he got it in her and made her orgasm like I had never seen before. She continued fucking him for probably 2 years before he finally broke it off. Most of the time she would be given me a blowjob at the same time, but there were a few occasions where I was out of town or busy with something else and she asked of they could go ahead and fuck without me. I figured they would do it anyway, so at least she was letting me know. He's the only other guy besides me that she's had sex with to my knowledge, and to be honest, I kind of miss watching her orgasm on another guys cock.

30 days ago


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    • I have let my wife have sex with two of my friends. She wanted to and I found it amazing to listen to her telling me every detail afterwards. She would let them cum in her and come home and show me. Such a turn on!

    • Same shit different day! Why do you write this bull shit to degrade women? Really why? Tell us the truth please?

    • Do you think a woman wanting and having sex is degrading? WTF?

    • Because it is the same asshole writing multiple fake stories over and over! He is a fag who wants cum!

    • And you’re an old lady that watches Pat Robertson all day

    • My wife had an affair with some guy she worked with. At least the OP's wife asked first. That's more than what my wife gave me.

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