Husband Arranged For Me To Have Sex With A Younger Man

I’m a 42-year-old married for 15 years with 3 kids in a good marriage. I’m really conflicted over this and need to tell someone just to get it out there.

Three nights ago my husband our kids were at their grandparent’s home and we decided to invite a mutual friend of ours to our home for dinner and just relax.

Our friend is several years younger than us at 33 and is very handsome, but I never thought of him as anything but a friend. We sat around after eating sipping on beers and listening to music. As the night was winding down the 3 of us were on the couch just talking. My husband mentioned that I’d just gotten a new tattoo on my back and had me show it to him. It was on my back and I’d need to pull my shirt up, so I was a bit reluctant. But my husband talked me into it and I ended up raising my shirt to show him.

They both then get up and I end up lying on the couch. My husband suggests that I let his friend rub my feet because he has really strong hands from being a mechanic. I’m game for that so I slip off my flip flops and the friend sits down next to me where I put my feet in his lap and he began to rub them, and boy did it feel good.

After a few minutes I adjusted my feet on his lap and then realized that I’d landed on top of his penis, which I noticed was rock hard. I jumped a bit because it startled me, but when neither man really reacted, I let my foot rest against it as I really had no where else to comfortable place my feet .

As he continues to rub my feet I noticed his hands are getting higher up my leg. As I’m wearing very short shorts, I don’t really mind since my legs are already exposed to him, and again my husband didn’t seem to mind as they continued chatting away from the chair he is sitting on. Before I know it, our friends hand is inside my thigh underneath my shorts. At this point they are both quiet and both are watching as he openly fondles my thigh. I then realized that I was moving my feet and that I was rubbing against his still very erect cock. Then what shocked me was that I saw my husband was actually rubbing his own cock. Though he tried hiding the fact he was doing this it was obvious what he was doing.

His friend then slides his hand up the leg of my shorty shorts and he is rubbing my pussy through my panties. My husband is still rubbing his cock so at this point I close my eyes. Our friend continues rubbing my pussy for a few minutes and then I feel his finger going underneath the crotch of my panties in an attempt to rub between my legs. I open up my legs to let him and I feel him finger fucking me and rubbing my clitoris. I could tell from the way his finger moved that I was extremely wet between my legs.

I open my eyes to see if this is really happening and I see that my husband is openly masturbating. Our friend leans closer to me and we start kissing. He is touching me all over and pulling my shirt off. He then takes his pants off, I’m lying there on the couch in a pair of shorts and no top on in front of my husband who has his dick in his hand, and his friend is sucking my tits, in his underwear.

My husband is a short heavy man, maybe 250, and not very fit. He is one three men that I’ve been intimate with. His friend is 6'4 about 230 I would guess and honestly I was very turned on. I am kind of chubby and I pretty curvy myself and was never confident in my body when younger. Even now I don’t think of myself as anything special and am happy to have my husband interested in me. Now here I am with this 33-year-old, very handsome and well built man who seems to want me very badly.

So here I am being kissed and having my pussy rubbed by this very handsome man. I then reach into his underwear to take his penis into my hand and find that he is fucking huge. By that I mean I mean like 7-8 inches and it very thick. I am squeezing his cock when I look over at my husband who is masturbating. I look at his friends dick and the two are incomparable as are the rest of their bodies.

After maybe 15 minutes of tugging on his cock while he fingers me around my panties and sucks my tits, Husband stands up, walks over, kisses me on the head and says, "Have fun". Next thing know the friend and I are alone. I let him touch his dick all over my belly and breasts, he rubs it against my mouth and cheek. I kiss it, and then I am sucking it.

Only the second dick I ever sucked and it is huge and he gently working it in and out of my mouth. then he sits down and I put my head in his lap. I sucked his dick like I never have anyone else's. I licked his balls, I bobbed up and down on it, he told me that if I didn't stop he was going to come. I did not stop. He came in my mouth and he released a huge amount of semen. I normally swallowed my husband’s semen, but he never released this much. I ended up swallowing our friend’s semen as it seemed like the polite thing to do.

Afterwards, neither of us really said anything much. The house was very quite. I asked him what this was all about, and he told me that he and my husband had talked it over earlier and they had decided that if I was receptive, then my husband would enjoy watching his friend have sex with me. He said that he believed my husband had orgasmed twice before he had left the room.

I did not know what to say AT ALL. He asked me if I had liked sucking his cock, and I told him that I did. He said he wanted to return the favor. I lay back and he pulled my shorts and panties off. Soon he was licking me so sweetly and sliding a big finger in and out. It was crazy good feeling. I thought he was going to stop, but he didn’t and I ended up having a very powerful orgasm. He played with my breasts for a few moments and then bot between my legs and began rubbing his cock against my pussy. It wasn’t as hard as it had been but seemed to be getting back there quickly. He kept rubbing it against my pussy until suddenly he planted his cock tip into my entrance and then I realized he was going to enter me. For a brief moment I thought that perhaps he would need a condom, but then realized that I had none in the house since my husband and I don’t use them as I’m on birth control.

I decided not to worry about it since obviously if my husband had wanted us to use condoms he would have proved them for his friend to use.

A few moments later I felt him inside of me and it felt wonderful. We kissed and we fucked on the couch, my legs wrapped tightly around him while I quietly moaned. He whispered in my ear about how long he had wanted this, and asked me if had wanted it. Truthfully I had not thought much about it before that night, but I told him I had. He asked me if my husband fucked me like he did, and told him no he didn't as his cock wasn’t as big as his. I suddenly realized I shouldn’t have said that in case my husband was listening, and he probably was. But then again if he was sensitive to the reality of things then he never would have set this up.

I then told him I loved his cock in me, and that I wanted him to fuck me all night. He didn't change positions at all for maybe 30 minutes. He was on top of me between my legs grinding into me slowly again and again, then he started to go faster and harder. I could feel pressure building in me, all of a sudden I felt an orgasm rising up within me, and a moment later I told him I was about to come and then did with him inside of me, something I rarely do with my husband who usually has to finish me off with either oral or his fingers.
I then heard him grunt and push deep inside of me and a moment later I felt the warmth of his semen as it flowed into my body, and it felt wonderful. I was surprised by the amount he’d released as this was his second time ejaculating in such a short time.

He stops and stays inside of me for a few minutes holding me tightly to him. I love the feeling and hold him back. His cock stayed inside of me, which meant he was blocking his semen from leaking out of me (I was glad of this, as I didn’t want a huge mess on my couch I’d have to clean up later).

Finally, he pulls out and I ask him to give me the tissue box so I can block his semen from leaking out of my pussy. I then go to the bathroom to clean up and my husband suddenly returned and they began talking as I cleaned up.

When I return our friend is leaving. He says his goodbyes and is gone. Not two minutes after he is gone, my husband is all over me and takes me to the bedroom where he licks my pussy and tries to eat out the cum of our friend. He then enters me and while fucking me he asks some questions about how I liked it and I give him somewhat truthful answers that seem to satisfy him. He then concentrates on the sex and thrusts hard and fast for about five minutes before he comes inside of me. I’m impressed since that means he’s had three ejaculations in the last couple of hours.

We talk some more before I take a shower to clean myself up (I’m filled to the brim with semen) and then we go to bed for sleep.

I woke up feeling guilty about it and my husband seems to be acting a bit strangely around me. I’m hoping that this doesn’t affect our relationship. I’d like to meet our friend again for sex, but would only do it again if my husband can accept it, and not be threatened.

What do others think about this situation and what I should do?

2 months ago


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    • Jesus people, don't EVER allow your wife to have sex with another man or woman. If they or you feel you absolutely have to, then be smart and pick out someone that is not more attractive than you or a much better body. Also, don't find a guy with a bigger dick or you know will be better or more experienced in bed than you are. If your wife loves it too much, she won't want to ever give it up and if you say no, she will just end up doing it behind your back when the opportunity arises (and it arises often for women no matter how ugly or fat they are). You will end up losing your wife or girlfriend. Guaranteed.

    • My hubby Johnny did the same thing in the past. We were always high and doped up, the both of us couldn’t maintain a steady job, he had a friend that took us in. Johnny and I were both 36 years old, and his friend Eric was only 19. He was really good to us, roof over our head, food, even did our laundry. Helped us get off meth and crack, then it was only weed. Johnny suggested I fuck Eric for his birthday since he was still a virgin. So yes we fucked, we actually had lots of sex.

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    • Well im bi curious and i would love to suck ur dick its a start i know u would love it u wouldn't have to jack off and maybe u will go down on me ur first my first

    • We are doomed! Fortunately it's all lies. We are not doomed!

    • I would love for my wife to do this. I think it would be awesome.

    • This guy writes the longest fantasy stories. Boring

    • Talk talk and talk. That’s what my wife and I did after she fucked several men in front of me. Don not bottle it up and be truthful to each other

    • More Bull shit written by some guy to degrade women!

    • How does the post "degrade" women?

    • Because 99% of women are not like that! They have more class that that! It is so easy to tell a male wrote that bull shit! He wants to degrade all women by making them look like low life sluts!

    • Maybe they shouldnt be lo life sluts

    • They aren't that's why it is fake!

    • Shut up slut
      You’re too ugly to fuck though so go mage me a goddamn sandwich

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