I stand in the window naked and jerk off for my female neighbors

I really love for people to see me naked , I love standing in front of the window naked and jerk off when the ladies in my neighborhood are outside, I have a neighbor across the street that I went to school with that I jerk off for anytime she is out in her pool or mowing the grass, I've seen her watching before. There is also a sexy older lady that lives across the street that I jerk off for while she is going for her walk or sitting on the porch, I know they both like it they always watch but neither of them has ever said anything about it, it gets my 8 inch cock rock hard every time I see them watching though, I wish they would just walk over and join me.

1 month ago


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    • I had the cops called on me for doing it. An older big tough make cop shows up and talks to me, then he says if you do it again I’m coming back to take care of things, to which I said, take care of it now….then I noticed a big bulge in his pants and he unzipped….well his thick massive 60 year old cock was there…and he said, you like me doing it to you? I was about to explode when he grabbed by head and forced his cock in my mouth and down my throat….he pumped away till he shot a huge load down my throat…and said he’d be back if he got another call….

      A week later I did it again, he shows up and says now it’s time to learn. He drops his pants and pins me down, pulls my pants down and starts to penetrate me…while he reaches around and pinches my nipples….it hurt but I took his cock and he shot another load in me…he’s quite handsome….spins me around stays on top and kisses me and I feel his tongue in my mouth….

      So now he cums by each shift and we make out and fuck, he’s a mature family man….I’m his bitch and I love it

    • Why do you have to make fake shit up? Are that fucked up that you have no real stories that you have had! Or is the highlight of you day is when you momma gives up day old meatloaf to eat while you sit in her trailer for the last 40 years!

    • When my uncle was LAPD they had a guy wiggling his junk at some ladies so they took him to the Hollenbeck Station and beat him in the crotch with nightsticks for the better part of an afternoon.

    • So, you're that guy...

    • Fuck you and that fake story! 99% of society walking by your house where to see you doing that would look in your direction! They would be looking for the house number and then calling 911 on your ass!

    • We have these louver windows I open them in the morning just "accidently" when the moms are leaving in the morning and they see my big hanging junk. When they're outside talking I stand behind a table and I pretend I'm doing something but I bet they can tell I'm stroking it. When they see me they smile kinda wicked and glance at my stuff like they want it. Come ring my bell to borrow a cup of sugar Mrs. —————— I will fill you full of cream!

    • That’s awesome! I’m so jealous. I’ve always been a little bit of an exhibitionist but I’ve never been able to play like that! I am moving to a new apartment complex later this summer. I hope there is someone that likes to window peek there. I’m dying to put on a show!!

    • Go say hi to them. visit them and give them clues that you are available. an erect dick is a terrible thing to waste. I love sex. I mingle with my neighbors. I fucked the men and tripped their women.

    • Fuck you wetnhorny You ain't fooling anyone dude! Get the fuck out of here sick fuck!

    • Wow!! I wish you were my neighbor!!

    • Nice!! I love the idea of beating it for neighbors!! Always been to scared to just go for it though. Too worried someone would call the cops or report me to a landlord. How did it first start and how did you get so comfortable doing it for them? I’m getting hard just thinking about stroking for my neighbors!!!

    • "sexy older lady" like, over 25?

    • Like 60 with a sexy body.

    • Eww how is that even a thing. First of all people don't live that long barely ever. Second no-one has a sexy body over 30. Double eww.

    • What the actual fuck did you just say??!! Ok you are obviously about 12 years old. You need to stay off this site little child.

    • Well if I'm not here on this site I'll be outside with all those men showing me their dicks all day! Now and then I'll let the cute ones give me a good fucking just if this site gets too boring and shit.

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