My wife sucks off a friend and me

My friend Robert was over to the house one night about a couple of months ago. His wife was out of town and my wife wanted to fix a nice meal for him. She had told me several times that she sorta had the hots for him, but said she felt guilty about it because his wife is her friend.

He got there around six and we had a few drinks and then ate. After that, more drinks. I don't know why, but I asked Robert if he had any sexual fantasies that he hadn't lived out. He said "Yes, I'd like to have a married woman suck my dick". Janet (my wife) almost choked on her drink. Obviously, he said this as a hint to get a blowjob. We all chuckled about it for a few minutes and then sort of an embarrassed silence fell over the three of us before normal conversation resumed.

After a short while Robert excused himself to go to bathroom. I said to Janet "Well, you want to do it"? She smiled and said, "What, suck his dick? Do you want me to"? I said, "Yes, I think I'd like to see that".

When he returned, I said "Janet is going to help you out with that fantasy of yours". He broke out with a big smile and said, "Really"? I said "Yes, and I get to watch".

I told Janet to get completely naked. She at first objected, playing the shy little wife, but I told her it's much sexier for a guy to get a blowjob from a naked gal. She then (after a delay of about 3 seconds) stripped down completely except for her heels. I cleared some stuff off the end of the coffee table and told her to sit down on it. I sat down in a chair opposite the end of the coffee table she was sitting on. Meanwhile, Robert had undressed, too. His cock was already semi hard. He had a very attractive cock with a pretty pink head on it. Nice size, too, I would guess around eight inches (bigger than me). He walked over and put his crotch very close to Janet's face. She took it in her hand and put her mouth around the head and gently jerked his cock with her hand while sucking on him. He immediately got rock hard and Janet picked up her speed a bit. She took it out of her mouth for a second and said, "Nice cock, Honey"! I wasn't sure if she was addressing me or Robert, but really didn't care. I was hard, too, and had taken my clothes off and was just sitting in the chair stroking my dick and watching Robert's cock go in and out of my wife's mouth.

I watched her suck on him for a good five minutes. He had his hands behind her head, pulling on her, fucking her face. She was trying to get it all in, but it was too big for her. She was going "Hmmmmmm" and would repeat this about four times (Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm) and then pull his cock out of her mouth with a loud wet slurping, popping sound.

"Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm. Slurp! Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Slurp"!

Finally, I couldn't take it any more. I got up and stepped over and said "Hey, Baby, suck me, too". She did, but she didn't make the same enjoyable noises that she was doing with Robert. Actually, I was a little embarressed to have my cock so close to Robert's. His was obviously longer and thicker than mine.

So, Janet would suck on me for three seconds, (no mouth noises), then back to Robert. "Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm. Slurp! Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Slurp! Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm. Slurp! She was clearly enjoying sucking his cock more than mine.

After a few more minutes, Robert declared "I'm gonna cum in about ten seconds." She had my cock in her mouth when he said this, and immediately switched to his, with more intensified noises. Janet had her hand between her legs and was rubbing her clit furiously. She took his cock out of her mouth long enough to say, "Yeah, give it to me, Baby!" She obviously really wanted him to cum and was doing everything she could to make it happen.

Then, to my surprise, as Robert started cumming, he pulled his cock out of Janet's mouth and backed it up about four inches or so. He let his cum fly, and held his cock like a fire hose, spraying it all over my wife's face. As this happened, she rubbed her clit even faster and had an orgasm while Robert unloaded about a pint of cum all over her.

As soon as Robert had made the statement that he was about to cum, I felt myself about to, too. I unloaded about the same time he did, but Janet's face was turned toward him and she was concentrating so much on her orgasm and taking his hot load that I don't think she really noticed I was cumming, too. Most of my stuff hit the side of her face and dribbled down on to her tits. Robert finally stopped squirting, and he stood there with his cock in front of her mouth. Every few seconds some more cum would drip out, and Janet would eagerly suck it off the head of his cock and swallow it. I went and got a warm towel and wiped all the cum off of my wife's face and tits.

Exhausted, Robert and I both sat down on the couch. After a few seconds, Janet came over and got down on her knees between his legs. She gently cleaned him up by licking all over his now semi-hard cock and his balls. After that, we all just stayed silent for about 15 minutes.

Finally, Robert said, "Wow. That was the best blowjob I've ever had." Then he put on his clothes and left.

I gave my wife a big kiss and thanked her for a wonderful evening. She smiled at me and said "Do I taste like cum"? I said "Yes, you bet you do"!

2 months ago


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    • My wife gets tired sucking cocks, so i help her out.

    • Bruh imagine being gay

    • Let me feed you this cock and you won't have to imagine it anymore (;

    • Fantastic! Your wife has the right attitude, and that makes all the difference in the world. Also, you did your friend a solid by having your wife get naked. Really, really amps up the experience for everyone!.I hope that this is just the beginning of your adventures, and that you make sure to share them here!

      I have a very similar story. My wife and my best friend had the hots for each other for years, and it was no secret to anyone, especially me and his wife. I wasn't entirely comfortable with it at first, but the more intense their flirtation got the more my insecurity got drowned out by horniness at the thought of my respectable wife who'd never touched a cock other than mine possibly fooling around with another man. I started to encourage her to go further, and occasionally to encourage him to see how far she'd let him go.

      One afternoon his wife was busy, so he came over to hang out. It was on! It wasn't long before they were making out on the sofa. I swear they forgot I was even there, which was fine because I was hard as a rock watching them kiss and fondle, then her straddling his lap as they continued to make out.

      We all moved to the bedroom. They continued making out on the bed, and little by little their clothes came off. By the time they were naked and fondling each other while he sucked on her nipples I'd also taken my clothes off and was stroking while occasionally taking a photo or video with my phone.

      Finally she stopped kissing him, go on all fours, and with him on his back rubbing her clit she glanced at me, smiled, and began sucking his cock. It was a beautiful sight. I had to stop stroking then, as I was now oozing precum onto the floor. My closest friend now knew what being inside my wife's mouth felt like, and he obviously loved it. It wasn't long before he stiffened, moaned loudly enough for the neighbors to hear, and unloaded in her mouth. She swallowed every drop.

    • I love you and your wife for being open and I love your friend and his wife for being sport. I hope that other men head your way. Beautiful attitude. One day I will grind your wife and your friend wife. Having threesome females is a fantasy.

    • Fuck you wetnhorny You ain't fooling anyone dude! Get the fuck out of here sick fuck!

    • You are mad because you have ED?

    • Fuck you wetnhorny You ain't fooling anyone dude! Get the fuck out of here sick fuck.

    • Continuing the above comment:

      They cleaned up a bit, he got dressed, and she remained naked as she kissed him goodbye before sending him home to his wife. She and I then fucked the hell out of each other for the rest of the day.

      That was a milestone, but not the end. He told his wife, and she was surprisingly fine what had happened. In fact, she explored her bi curiosity with my wife. Fast forward to today, and he regularly fucks my wife. It's just a normal thing for us, but I still find it incredibly hot, whether I'm there or not. I fuck his wife from time to time too, and both wives have girl/girl "dates" on a semi-regular basis.

      We're all good friends, who just happen to like having sex with each other.

    • Early 70's we my guy buddies had 2 sets of girl buddies. We dated the same girls, but at different times. There were at least 6 girls Bill and I both had sex with, usually months apart. Other guys in our group married 4 of these girls. Nice girls and guys had 10+ sex partners then. Looking back the girls hopped in bed with guys they know a year, and her GF had slept with and had nice things to say about him. Bill and I met Jill the same night at a trendy bar. She is hot. We sorta break our own rule, we both ask her out. We're both dating her. A little awkward -- but she is worth it, We'd rather share her then concede. We share score cards, we're both fucking her -- and she has a steady boyfriend she is cheating on. We agree to let her dump one of us, or both. I have my my own apartment, Bill lives with his parents. Advantage me. She dumps Bill (in a nice way) and her BF for me. 6 months later Jill and I are watching football and Bill drops by. Football, pizza and beer. Later Gimme Shelter is blasting on the stereo and Jill artistically strips to it. We gang bang her. We're married 45 years. She's been a saint of -- likes talking about 'sowing my wild oats.'
      And it was a good era to be a little slutty. Some of her dresses were R rated.

    • I wish that I am there. I would love to grind your wife at the end.

    • Good story

    • Is this really a true story?

    • We've been skinny dipping in the river since we were kids. Girls joined the club in their late teens, about the same time they lost virginity. My wife Ainsley and our best friends, Judy and Bob, have our own spot off the beaten path, We even have a little deck Bob and I built. Bob and Judy met at Church where farmer's daughter Ainsley teaches Sunday School. Both girls are hotter than fuck.
      Bob and I have a birthdays the same week. Burgers and beers by the river one Fri night, we skinny dip at dusk. The girls get us in Mack Truck like inner tubs "Just lay back, close your eyes, enjoy birthday boys." We do as told, spread eagle on the tube -- it's blowjobs. Fells different though, Ains has 10 different ways -- she amazing BJ giver -- but the mouth texture is always the same -- but not tonight, -- i take a peak and Ains is 2' feet away sucking off Bob, Judy is blowing me. These girls are saints but for 20 years now we've been swapping for birthday blowjobs. Every year they think of a new spot. Once in different cars off a dirt road. Best one: naked girls on their knees by a cliff off the Appalachian Trail -- 40 mile view. Ains "everyone thinks of cheating, we get our fix by doing it a little bit."

    • Love a slutty wife. I let my wife fuck 2 of my friends and it’s amazing. Love watching her get fucked and creampied

    • I love being slutty. Nothing like the look on a guy is being fucked by two girls.

    • That’s awesome… loved it … wow

    • I am fantasizing about your wife.

    • What about his wife? Isn't she going to blow you?

    • Nice to have a slut as a wife. Now watch him fuck her. She wants it

    • True a slut for a wife is great

    • My wife became a slut when she turned 50, said she wanted to try different kinds of sex, told me to fix her up with anyone that I would like to see her having sex with, it was a slow start but i have found that I love to see her suck a big cock in the car, Im in the front seat jacking off and watch them in the back seat, it was easy to get her to do this, she loves to suck a dick and get a big load in her mouth to swallow , she likes for me to watch and listen while she swallows. most the rest of the time she is a very average a little heavy woman with big tits and a need to suck a mans dick while i watch, we have a good time with this 2 or 3 times a month

    • Yes they are! My wife has always been a slut, that is why I married her!

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