My dick

I'm horny and wearing panties and stroke my dick

27 days ago


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    • My dick is named Harold (get it? Harry Dick) and I put those stick-em googly-eyes on it. I love to pull it out for ladies and wangle it around, they always laugh since it has googly-eyes on it! Then it shoots cum and I throw it at them as they sit on the bus stop.

    • Was that supposed to be funny? Because it is sure as hell is fake and not funny at all!

    • Bitch you just mad cuz this nigga ain't throw no cum on you

    • It's true! I ache for jizm! I want it flying in my mouth and on my hair! Throw it on me ASSHOLE!

    • I guess it's true about nurses then, they're all cum dumpsters

    • Don't stroke your dick, darling. Let ME stroke it.
      First with my mouth. Then with my anus. Fill me with your hot semen. At both ends.
      Give it ALL to me. Every sweet drop!!!
      If that makes me a faggott, then let me be one only for you and only to benefit you. OMMFG!!! Ruin me!! HUMILIATE ME! Blow up my marriage!! Destroy my family!! OWN ME!!!

    • Oh you sick dirty fuck!

    • Yeah, you got it right: he is TOTALLY sick AND dirty.

    • His dick must taste gross and cheesy when it's in your mouth

    • How did you know! I always gag and cough but what's worse is he holds me head down hard on his shaft when he pumps hot spunk down my throat I can't breathe! Then he takes a long piss down my gullet. This happens before he picks up ten or twelve day workers from the Home Depot parking lot and lets them beat and rape me for the weekend. It's SO HOT.

    • I'm sitting on a throne of skulls drinking the blood of the infidel stroking my dick which shoots flames

    • I wear panties and stroke my cock too .

    • I wear stockings or pantyhose when I stroke!

    • Where are you?

    • New York

    • Up in you

    • Dear God!!! If only that were true!!! I want you there! Up in me!! NOW!!!

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