I'm a straight man and I love panties and fingers in my asshole

Fist my asshole and eat it for me to wear panties and eat your asshole must cum on your nipples to see if I could find out what I taste like

1 month ago

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    • No, I would actually love to eat it.

    • I will totally fist you, my love. I'll turn your ass inside out. I'll treat you like the filthy little whore princess you want so very badly to be. I will buy you crotchless panties and crotchless pantyhose and you will wear them every day and night. "Night and day, you are the one; Only you beneath the moon, under the sun."

    • Wow! I never thought that someone's hand in my butt was possible cause I even hurt when a larger penis pushes into me. I mean I'm still young and maybe that's why but last summer when I was 14 a guy at a party got me high and fuck'd me. Afterwards we smoked some more pot and started making out. I had my underpants on and he took um off and put um like all into my butt holding um in his hand? He had his hand in my butt and left my underpants in there and I don't see how it could of happen except for my underpants hanging out a little I never would believe it!

    • I gotta believe that ^this^ is the first time, and the last, that any Cole Porter lyrics will find their way into this venue. I hope i'm wrong on both scores (no pun intended), but I wouldn't encourage betting against the proposition.

    • Love to. Are you in Miami? It’s full of old married guys that suck cock

    • Piss off you queer, illiterate, goose.

    • What bathroom you in so we can line up and you can suck us off.

    • You aren't a straight man. You're a shagging faggot! And you can't write for shit!

    • This you again homo

    • Yeh dat dat homo what write all dat "oh no here come da homos!" but is busy gaying off all day at da rest stop

    • You might be right . He always calling people who write there stories homo or fag. I honestly think he is one sucking cock in the parks park's restroom.

    • Wife came to bed one day with a strap on . She had me sit on her lap came on her tits . She told me lick it up and gave me the most passionate kiss ever.

    • I love anal play too!! Just got my first set of butt plugs and I can’t wait to be able to stretch and control the muscles!! Seriously any man weather they are gay, bi, or straight should make full use of the prostate!! INSANE orgasms!!!

    • Did you get a nice fox tail plug? They're beautiful and so so so so so attractive.

    • Aren't you just a right hot piece?!?? Almighty God, mate, you damn well got me hard AF!!! You obviously know how to handle a man!! I hope that your husband or partner or boyfriend know how lucky they are and exactly how delicious you are. And I hope they are buying you really nice panties. If it was me, I would take you to Victoria's Secret or Frederich's of Hollywood once a month, buy you sexy lingerie, and blow you --- and eat your ass --- in the dressing room like I was your own personal whore. I would do every filthy thing you could ever dream up, no matter how perverted or dirty or disgusting or depraved. I'd be your TOTAL BITCH!! You could lead me around on a leash . . . in public . . . and stop and FUCK me Any time you want.
      I imagine you having a long thick beautiful hot cock, and when you orgasm, the semen sprays like a fucking fire hose . . . in my face . . . and down my throat.

    • Oh hairy rotting Christ on a god-fucked cracker, Joe!!! I'm straight but you make me me want to fall to my knees and beg you to jam your manhood balls-deep in my asshole, God-dammit Joe!!! Fill me with YOU!!! MAKE ME GAY!!! MAKE ME YOUR PERVERTED BITCH!!

    • Joe Buck lol

    • Joe Fuck

    • Why would a straight man have a husband or boyfriend?

    • He wouldn't, unless he was flat lying about orientation. Like this one is.

    • Lots of married men have side gay lovers. I’ve been the side lover to a Navy test pilot and an AF pilot.

    • Him saying he's straight doesn't magically make him straight. He'spure HOMO!!!

    • So if he enjoys a woman fingering his ass, he is gay? No.

    • Dude get the fuck over it and admit you’re gay!! Or Bi. Seriously seek some help and stop with the hate. The only thing you are accomplishing is making yourself look INCREDIBLY stupid. You read these posts, masturbate to them (we all know you do!) then feel shame in it so you get angry and post a bunch of stupid hate speech. EVERYONE IS SICK OF IT!!

    • Dude your a idiot straight up have no clue. Also prostate massage or milking helps prevent prostate cancer.

    • Thats Bull shit There is no medical proof to back that up!
      Also people have died from septic shock from having rough anal sex do to a perforated colon causing peritonitis, an infection. Such an infection can lead to sepsis and death or tears to the rectum that become infected and are not treated!
      Also small fissures and hemorrhoids can form and repeated anal sex can cause them to be infected! Although most cases are successfully treated if medical treatment is used!
      There was one case of the death of a man after anal sex with a male stallion.

      Anal cancer is on the rise in the USA and HPV being a cause of some of it! It is not uncommon for men with multiple unprotected sex partners to get HPV!

    • You are correct but I think most adults no the risk also you can catch anything from just regular sex. Everything has a risk you little anal play don't hurt if your safe about it and not shoving cans up . Just saying

    • Ok But anal fisting is considered rough sex. Some sex toys are just too large for the anus! A horse cock Do I have to say! Dog knotting can be damaging!
      The problem we see is men and women who have had rough anal sex are afraid to seek medical attention because of the stigma of it! They often come in when it is too late! Constant rough anal sex can lead to scaring and that can cause incontinence at a later age!

    • I love anal SEX, it feels great to have a good Dick sliding in and out of MY ASS and I LOVE the feeling I get when he puts it UP inside of MY ASS AS FAR AS HE CAN AND FEEL HIS BIG DICK CUMM ALL INSIDE OF MY ASSHOLE AS I FUCK, and squeeze on HIS Dick milking ALL the CUM OUT HIM as i can ,I LOVE HOT CUM ALL up INSIDE of me ,and ALL OVER MY MOUTH and FACE and my THROAT


    • Everyone is more sick of your smug superiority. Suck a dick!

    • Yes Sir Mr. President!

    • Good one!

    • HaHa!!!

    • Where do you live?

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