Wet Pussy

I placed an ad on older woman wants younger web site. To my surprise a woman close to where I live replied to me. She was very much older than me. She was looking for someone that was close to her to give oral to her on a regular bases. She complimented on my nude dick pic. She would give me hand jobs for doing oral on her and fingering her. I didn't know what she looked like all I knew that she was a horny old granny that liked to be eaten.
We met at a motel that had a lounge nearby. She recognized me from my ad and sat next to me. " Hi, I'm Dora! " this thin old lady with grey hair dress in a skimpy top top that showed her nipples on her small breasts. We moved to a table to get something to eat and drink. She was older than my mother. "So your interested in doing an old babe! " as she grabbed and squeezed my hand that I had on the table. We exchanged our sexual interest in being on that web site and she would enjoy seeing me nude pleasing her kitty with my mouth and playing with her clit. After giving her oral orgasms, she would jerk my dick and cover her small breasts and fuzzy snatch with my cum loads.
We shared the expense of a room there. We undressed and she complimented on my privates. I was surprised of seeing her with grey hair on her top, but a very hot dark hair cunt and stiff nipples on her small tits. She got on the bed spreading her legs a bit and said, "Ready? " I went down on her and she blurted out, "Eat me babe! " I began to lick and finger her snatch. She began to press and shake my head wildly while I reached up and groped and played with those old tits. "Yes! please this old bitch good! " as she screamed and her juices wet my face. "Lick that clit! " I knew she had several orgasms when when she told told me to stand at the bed edge and grabbed my dick and tugged it wildly and hard. I pictured her as a grandmother that I should of known. She directed my cock to her tits and snatch as I shot massive cum load out which I never had before.
We do it at each others place to save on room expense

3 months ago

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    • My neighbor aged may be in her late 60s, slim with small tits. We became really close as we both live alone and I help her in her household works on weekends and she often makes cakes and pies for me. It was once she came to my place with a nice cake and I hugged to say thank you. But she planted a kiss on my lips, I responded with a lingering one thrusting my tongue into her mouth. We both lost in passion and we were tongue fighting while taking off her top, started massage her braless tits and large nips. She ran her hand over my hard-on and I pushed her on her back on the sofa. Soon I could not wait but to take off her panties. She took my hand to her shaven pussy. WoW! She was all wet there - one of her large pussy lips hanging down. I love sucking pussies (but not that old) and I did not wait any longer and took her lips into my mouth and stared to suck deep, two of my fingers found the slit to finger fuck her! She held my head to her crotch area and reached climax within five minutes and laid limp releasing my head. That was the first time for us but then there were more to come - cum!!

    • I banged a woman in her 70's she loved my cock and knew how to suck it. I love any pussy. I have had a lot of pussy:)

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