One last fuck before her wedding

A few years ago I cheated on my girlfriend with an old fuck buddy a few months before her wedding. She initiated it, telling me at a party that I was a much better shag than her fiancé and that she wanted me one last time before she got married. We only made out that night but a week later I went over to her place when he was out and spent the afternoon fucking her brains out in their bed. It was awesome and neither my girlfriend nor her husband ever found out.

3 months ago

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    • My wife fucked a black guy on are wedding night. I knew how she was before we got married so it was okay with me. It's just sex and we both enjoyed it. Gotta have fun in life.

    • My wife had sex with two strippers after her bachelorette party. They gave her they're phone number during the party. After they left she secretly called them and met them at a hotel. She confessed to me on our 3rd anniversary. We're still married and I have no ill feelings towards her or what happened.

    • When I was single and in my early 20's I pretty much only slept with married women that also worked at the corporation I worked at. They kept me busy enough that I really didn't look for single ladies my own age.

      So when one VERY attractive single woman, whom I hadn't paid attention to approached me, I was genuinely surprised. She asked, "Do I REALLY have to wait until after I get married to someone else before you'll go out with me?" Wait what?

      I soon learned she lived with her fiancé. She didn't want to be like the others at our work and cheat on her man once she was married but didn't want to miss out so she wanted to sleep with me before she got married. I had to rearrange my schedule to start fitting her in.

      She spent time with me right up until her last day at work before her wedding. The whole time she kept bringing up that she was no longer going to see me once she was married. She was right... for the first three years. By then I had changed jobs so I was surprised that she tracked me down.

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