Would you fuck my wife

My wife is now 68 years old, blonde still good looking , a little extra weight though.
She fucked a lot in her early years, liked missionary and being on top.
Would you still fuck her at her age?

1 month ago


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    • Back when I was in my 30s I travelled around the country (UK) a lot for work as a telecoms engineer. I usually stayed in a local B&B place, just drove around a town until one caught my eye. It sounds strange but many seemed to be run by semi-retired older couples and quite a few had wives who were quite good looking or had been in their younger days and I had sex with many of them. Some actually had their husband's permission; they would go out to the pub or just stay out of the way. I never had a threesome or cuckold session, that would have been the icing on the cake. The oldest lady that I had sex with was 67. I know because she said that it had been her birthday a few days before and there were some cards visible.

    • Videos at :

    • When she fucked a lot in her early years, was it only with you or with other guys also? Was she a virgin when you got together? Were you? If she wasn't a virgin, how many guys had enjoyed being between her legs before you?
      My wife also fucked a lot during her college years and was with two boyfriends before we got together early sophomore year. After dating for three months, we broke up and she was fucked by eight guys over the next two years. When we got back together, I had been with a total of three girls while she had been with ten other guys.
      I have tried to get her to have other boyfriends while we were dating and after we got married. She never has to the best of my knowledge although I keep hoping. I tell her I never cared how many guys had sex with her and that it wouldn't bother me if more guys fucked her.

    • No I will not consider it not even if she is 45 years old. wrinkles turn me off.

    • My wife is 69 and I just had my 70th birthday. We don't fuck as much as we used to but still do it at least once a week. Maybe we could get together and swap wives.

    • Would love to fuck your wife

    • 68? Do people even live that long? That’s not really a thing is it

    • No that's how you know this is fake

    • Not fake fuck off

    • Bullshit people don't live longer than 60 and if they did no-one would fuck them because anyone that old would look like a gross-ass skeleton you boomer fuck

    • Yeah well some of us like to dig up graves and fuck skeletons so FUCK YOU you necrophobic judgemental bigot!!

    • Still doesn't mean people live to be 68! That's like a scientific impossibility!

    • The oldest living person living right now is 116 years old idiot! You do know how to look that up right?

    • Yeah and it's probably you you old cow cunted bitch

    • I am 58 which means I'm literally about to die from old age, yes! And about twenty years too old for anyone to fuck. But I can be used for other useful things! Like a speedbump in a road. Or ground up as fertilizer!

    • Maybe prisoners would like to rape you? I mean they're pretty desperate and probably bored with fucking each other up the stinky old worn out shit-chutes, right?

    • Good idea!

    • Fuck ya. That’s why they make personal lub.

    • I fantasize about other guys fucking my wife of 22 years. She has nice big tits and little round ass. Her legs are like a super model, long and perfect. Now that it's summer, she's back in a bikini by the pool. She may be 43 years old, but she's still one fine looking MILF.

    • No because she is your wife! Have more class then that! Only scumbags go after other peoples spouses or mates even if that person comes on to them!

    • My wife will be 60 this year and she still looks mid 40's No one ever guesses her age correctly. She's toned from working out, tan, and has nice C size natural full tits that still look good. She fills out her bikini top nicely and nice little round butt. All the guys still check her out, which makes her laugh when some 20 year old kid is looking at her tits. She says if he only knew I was old enough to be his grandmother. She's had guys hit on her for years. Even our sons friends have told him his mom is hot. He would normally get pissed and tells them to shut the fuck up. And now our grandsons friends come over and check her out when she's laying by the pool. There is no doubt these guys would fuck her in a heart beat if given the chance. I think it's hot knowing guys half her age want her.

    • Yes I would love to fuk her & fill her with my hot load of cum!

    • I would love to watch you fuck and cum inside her

    • I would love to watch you shit in her pussy

    • Let me see some pictures of her and I’ll tell you
      leegorman196@ yahoo. Com

    • Knowing me, probably.

    • My wife is 70. wears a 2 piece, works out. Always a nympho. Used to fuck her 3x a day in our 20s and 30s. I fuck her like a Dollar Store whore -- the way she likes it -- 2x a week. She can't do cowgirl like she used to (her fav) - today she gave me a blowjob in the garage.
      Bring yours around. I love the chubby ones.

    • Yes why not.

    • She should be ground up for cat food, that's about the only thing a useless old whore is good for.

    • Wait till you get old dumb fuck! Oh wait your a gen Zero! You find out that life don't give you anything and you will blow your brains out!

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