Cuckholding is fucking stupid

I don't understand why on earth a guy would want his wife or girlfriend to fuck another man. It makes no sense at all. What possible joy could someone get from watching someone else fuck the person they profess to love?

Can someone please explain this to me, because I just do not understand why anyone would do this?

3 months ago


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    • From my point of view it's not stupid at all. I was in my early 40's and found myself single and on online dating sites. Wasn't after anything serious but started chatting to this cute little 27 year old married woman who explained that she was ethically polyamorous. Didn't have a clue what that was but I got the gist that her husband was ok with her seeing other men,so after a few weeks of chatting I asked her out on a date and she said yes. 3 dates later and she came back to my place. Banged the shit out of her,must say she was easy to please and quite loud. We fucked quite a bit with her even stopping after work and staying the night. Then she invited me round hers and at first I thought what about the husband but then didn't really care. Anyway one night we were in bed after an intense fuck and I heard the front door open and close. Her husband was back but she wasn't bothered. He went into the next room and shut the door. Few minutes later she initiated sex by giving me head. Soon as I was rock hard she said to fuck her,so I did with extra lasting power. We weren't quiet and after we both had loud orgasms I asked her about her husband in the other room and she said "he just loves listening and wanking".

    • They are just a bunch of losers that don't have wife's or don't know what love is! They love to degrade women because they can't get laid and blame women for it! They are future rapists and serial killers, if they aren't already!
      Most of these sick stories here are written by lonely losers that can't even get out of their parents house!

    • Can't tell if this is poor baiting or you're truly retarded.

    • You don't know much, do you?
      My wife and I live the lifestyle because we have a strong relationship and we fully trust eachother. Humans are one of the few species who have sex for fun. So why would anyone want to limit that to a single person?

    • It's called... marriage...😂.

    • You think you know it all! Guess again! Money and cheating are the number one reason for divorce!
      What you gonna do when either one of you fall for the other person in you little world! Your wife say's "I leaving you for him because he is a better lover and person!" Or you can be the one saying that! When you invite someone or a couple into your sex life you can't guarantee what the out come could be! You could be the one on the sideline or sidewalk!

      Hell love triangles have resulted in murder as well as divorce!

    • Everything you listed here applies more to monogamous relationships than it does to open ones. If you're allowed and encouraged to be with other people then you're not cheating, or at the very least you have little reason to do it behind your spouse's back.

      As far as someone ending up "on the sideline or sidewalk", why would that have to happen at all? If my wife can have me AND another guy, why would she throw that opportunity away in favor of just me OR another guy? She can have her cake and eat it too.

      Likewise, if my wife lets me fuck other women, why the hell would I leave her for another woman? Why would I force myself to choose one or the other when I can have BOTH?

    • It's being pushed in the social sphere now because (((they))) are tying to destroy the family. Don't let them.

    • The wife and I started after being married for 15 years. Our sex was dying and we were fighting all the time. One night she came home from the bar after being out all night. She was drunk and smelled like sex. I accused her of fucking around and pushed her out of my bed. That's when she asked for a divorce and I agreed. The next day she moved out and I contacted a lawyer. During the divorce process, her lawyer and mine looked at us and asked why were getting a divorce because it was clear we still loved eachother. We told them it was the sex and I said she had lied to me. She asked and I told her I didn't care that she had fucked another guy, it was the deception that pissed me off. She asked if she had told me before she fucked him, would it have made a difference. I said yes it would have. We worked things out and now we both have an open relationship. She has sex with whomever she wants and I have sex with whomever I want. Our only rule is we have to tell eachother before it happens. Even if it's a quick phone call from the other persons bedroom. We just have to know before penitration.

    • It's a hard thing to explain. I don't consider myself a cuckold or a sissy. I work hard I'm a construction worker. How it happened is a long story. But we were out in a club drinking and a guy asked her to dance .I told her that it was okay. I watched her with him dancing and seeing the smile on her face. She was having a good time. We all had a little to much to drink. I was going to drive him home but somehow we ended up going to ar house. As I was driving I looked over and she was kissing him. It's strange but I didn't get mad or jealous. When we got to ar house I pulled her to the side and asked her what she was doing. She just said that she wanted both of us. She went into the bathroom and me and him were sitting in the livingroom. He looked at me and said that he was sorry that she was the one who started this. She walked out of the bathroom naked and he looked at her and said wow . She had a hot body big tits 38dd nice and round. She sat down between me and him she looked over at me and asked if I was okay. I just nodded my head yes.she turned to him and pulled out his cock and went down on him we ended up fucking her all night. But what I remember most was when he first got on top of her she grabbed his cock and guided him into her pussy it was the look on her face and how her body moved with him. The little noises she made. Seeing her having an Orgasm with him. Her legs shaking. Things you don't really see when you are fucking your wife. I was proud of her at that moment.

    • I completely agree. You'll never fully appreciate how beautiful and sexy your wife is until you've watched her with someone else. I had no idea how gracefully and erotically my wife's body moves during sex, and how perfect the curve of her ass is, until I saw her fucking someone else. Even watching in a mirror or video doesn't fully capture it.

    • Nice, so you introduced her to your replacement...😂

    • Your short comment says a lot about you, and it's not good.
      The fact that you think she'd leave her husband for a stranger just because they had good sex implies that you think women are shallow or unable to look beyond base desires, while at the same time revealing that you're shallow enough to think that sex is the only facet of a relationship that really matters. This also implies that you don't think you'd be able to keep a partner if she was in a position to compare your sexual performance with other men. Therefore, you have to control and limit her sexual experience to just you so that she never realizes what she's missing.
      Finally, it shows that you fundamentally fail to understand how wife sharing works. If you only view relationships as prizes for successfully competing with other males then yeah, it wouldn't make sense to you. But this lady has a loving husband with whom she probably has a great sex life. On top of that, she was able to have great sex with this other guy. She's got the best of both worlds, so why would she give up half of that for no benefit? Husbands that don't treat their wives' bodies as their property to restrain and control are rare.

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