Posing Nude on My Friends Bike Dare

Yet another Dare for my Wife way back in the early 90s where I dared her to pose on my friends Harley Davidson in the nude allowing my friend to sneak a peak from behind some hedges after she was completely nude, I can't recall if she was aware of him watching but I think she wasn't. We picked a place out in the rural hills near our town at one of my Wife's girl friend's house and I had my friend meet us there with his bike, So I started with my Wife posing first with clothes then slowly removing them as we continued shooting until she was completely naked posing on the Harley, turns out my Friend started talking to my Wife's friend at the house and never got to see her naked, As soon as I finished off the film she started getting dressed, Hey she completed the dare for me and eventually I did tell her my friend was supposed to peek over the hedges and watch, She kinda knew I would do something like that but seemed relieved knowing he didn't see her but assumed I'd show him the pictures once we had them developed, Long story short stupid me got the camera stuck trying to roll the film to open the camera and somehow I opened the camera before it was rolled complete ruining all her pictures, I kicked myself in the ass for weeks because of that.
Knowing my Wife would eventually do other dares for me made it sort of okay still I felt bad for my friend not getting to see my wife naked on his bike

1 month ago

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    • My girlfriend and I used to go swimming naked in the river (well more like a medium size creek) down the field from my house. We lived in the middle of nowhere, so not like anyone would see us. That held true until one day we were swimming naked and my girlfriends friend showed up with her boyfriend. We didn't know they were going to show up and come walking down to the area we swim at. My girlfriend told them we were naked, but they didn't care. They removed their clothes and jumped in. Her friend is hot, so I didn't mind seeing her naked, but so was my girlfriend, so I'm sure he liked seeing her naked too.

    • My wife had Playboy offer at 19 (late 70s). She's really hot and has an identical twin.
      I have 1,000 nudes of my wife, none of her sister but often asked. Wife and I skinny dip in our pool (secluded on 5 acres) -- some times sis takes her top off, just to go in the water. Doesn't want a wet top thing. She's over without her husband, strips naked by the pool. I ask for photos. 'Just this once to shut you up, don't ask again.' I roll off 36 of the twins, some just sis, some tits touching. Next day her husband is crazy . I tell him they artise, not x rated. Pussy shots have ample hair cover (70's thing) - Anyway I properly extract the film and give it to him in the black tube Kodacrome came in. He still has it.

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