Daughters panties

My daughter lives with us for awhile after college and i used to get off to sniffing, wearing and rubbing my cock on her dirty panties. Use to cum soooooo hard it was almost shocking!!!

1 month ago

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    • I hope she gets fucked by her boyfriend and gets a yeast infection! Leaks his cum and Monistat7 all over here panties for you to sniff and lick!

    • I hope for that too YUMMY YUMMY

    • Hmm this one tastes more like Monistat 3

    • And yeast!

    • Makes bread rise...and my dick!

    • On the other hand, I went into my room and my daughter was there by the hamper holding my boxers looking like she just sniffed them and had her hand down her jammie bottoms! What the hell?

    • Fuck you if you think we believe that crap!

    • Ha ha ha you're so sad that my daughter wants my cock! Deal with it shitwind! My young daughter is aching for daddy's bulge! Now go eat a shotgun! It's your only hope for happiness!

    • Fuck up asshole you are so fake it is pathetic!

    • Your tits are fake! And you still can't get anyone to fuck you!

    • I just shot myself! I couldn't handle thinking about you fucking your daughter, and her having an orgasm! When I can't! Because no one will ever love me! It is pathetic!

    • You're right, and I am sorry for doubting you.

    • I accept your apology.

    • You guys should share your secrets with your wife's! They would love to know that!

    • My wife suspects I lust for my daughter because every time our daughter wears something especially sexy I give my wife a good fucking
      What’s she gonna do, complain?
      God I’m lucky my daughter is a hot sexy 13-yo who wears scanty little outfits
      My wife hasn’t been fucked this hard or often in like 15 years!

    • YEahhhhhh daughter's panties are the best!!! I put my daughters panties on her pillow, bra too, and then I fuck it and pretend it's her, then she comes home and I look right at her thinking "I just fucked you your pussy was so tight"

    • Does you think she know do she see the boner in you pants ha ha ha

    • She does! She looks right at my big bulge and thinks "omigod daddy wants my little body!" and then I peep at her while she diddles her bean on her bed

    • Some time I pull out my manhood and show to daughter she always want to look and go wow

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