Cock for me

Cock curious at 67 it's older I developed an attraction to suck a dick. Is this a illnesses?

1 month ago


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    • Be true to yourself . Go for it. Get a dildo and explore. Get one with suction cup and balls.

    • Pay no attention to that mindless ignorant fool. He's an asshole and a bully. Nobody needs him. Better off dead.
      I'm 65. I'm bi. Love pussy. Love cock. I crave a big cock in my mouth, one in my ass same time. Let's suck each other off. We will have a good time.

    • Bi is a faggot pretending to be straight!

    • Yes, it's called the gay, and it is a fatal disease. The only cure is a bullet between your eyeballs, please get treated right away.

    • I’ve fucked lots of older married men in their ass over the years. CEO, fighter test pilots, bankers, executives from each of the Ivy League schools, boat captains…..all kinds.

    • Same thing happened to me when I was in my early sixties. It took me four years to act on it. A friend of mine about the same age had the same curiosity so we did it. It wasn't the big deal I thought it would be and we both really enjoyed it. We sucked each others cocks every Friday night for a few years until he moved to a retirement village on the northside of town and we couldn't get together any more. If you get the urge you should try it.

    • It is well documented that homosexuality was classified as a mental illness in the DSM until 1973, when it was replaced with the diagnosis of “sexual orientation disturbance”.
      We will soon wake up now that we see what homosexuals are up to, raping children to make new homosexuals, and classify it as a mental illness proper again.

    • Thank God you'll be in your grave soon

    • Yes it's pure illness . . . . . you suckfuck!!! But you're real lucky . . . . Not so long ago, we would have just wrapped you in a chain and drug you real slow behind a pickup truck down a gravel road, and then at 50 mph on the Interstate. Or beaten you into a hospital with a lug wrench. . . multiple times. But now the culture tells us we gotta TOLERATE you and all the other sex pervos, even them trans fucks. Count your lucky shit-stars, you sad fucken bone-lapper. Such a dirty sack of motherfuck you have become!! How do you avoid disgusting your ownself??!!? I need to go vomit.

    • After typing all that hostile shit, I would need to vomit, too.

    • I love your reply! But who said we all tolerate that and don't beat fags down! Come around my neighborhood and find out how we handle fruitcakes!

    • You stick your weener in our butts?

    • I stick some thing up your ass! But you would like it or survive from it!
      What I miss is fag pulls! You chain a fags hands to one truck and his legs to another truck then pull! The truck with the larger half wins!

    • Um, you literally just wrote "I stick some thing up your ass! But you would like it" so you obviously want to pull out your man-meat all dripping with precum and shove it up my brown eye you big stud you

    • No I said you won't like it! Would you like 16 inches of my double edged machete up your faggy ass coming out between your balls?

    • Hello? It is still typed and written there, "you would like it". The fact you get so hostile about it indicates to me you are repressing your same sex desires. Just accept them, it's normal.

    • A fucking typo gets you off asshole! You knew what I meant faggot!

    • Yes, you are saying you are a repressed homosexual who a) desires to engage in homosexual acts and b) wishes that society were replete with homosexuals. Yes, we understand, you have made that quite clear with your many and repeated posts, especially those that involve so many exclamation points.

    • You have had sex with a woman all your life and watched a lot of porn, right! Then you found that straight porn doesn't work for you and you started watching porn you would have never thought you would, to get off. Thats porn burnout You are now looking for taboo sex to get off on and the thought of gay sex is taboo in your mind so now you fantasize about it. If you watch gay sex and get off! Do you feel guilty after doing that? If so leave it a fantasy!

    • PS if you do feel guilty and normal porn don't do it for you. Stop watching and get off just using your imagination and your normal sex life can return back to normal!

    • You suck a dick one time it easier the second, third, and so on. Next you’ll be telling your wife and kids your gay. You want that ?

    • I am a friendly, attractive gay male, and have noticed a lot of men in their 50's and older develop same sex curiousity, even to just have the experience once.

    • I've been doing it all my life , I'm married and have children. I think it's just a sex thing.

    • Do your wife and kids know? If not what would your family and friends say and do if they found out?
      What STD's or STI's have you brought home

    • These are excellent questions and points. The evolving and REvolving labels are just a culturally convenient way to try to excuse the inexcusable.

    • No it’s not an illness

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