In love of black pussy

I was eyeing this cleaning maid of my condo for quite some time. She in her late 30s is very fat showing much of her bursting boobs through her blouse and ass cheeks through her short skirt. This Saturday I stayed at home and by looking at her hovering the floor brought me a hard-on. I was slowly started to stroke it my cock over my boxer. With a smile she came to me closer and looked at my clearly visible hard on and lapped her lips. Her smell was quite erotic … She almost casually unclasped her bra, allowing her massive boobs with bra marks to flop heavily down her belly. I raised my hand to caress the incredibly chocolate colored tits. Her nipples were unbelievable, at least a 3/4th inch long! She offered the nips to my mouth whispering - wanna suck some hot tits? I did not reply but dived my head into her enormous warm bosom. Her smell was too amorous. She cradled my mouth in her thick arms while feeding me her engorged nipple! Mmmmm, she just groaned softly. So for the next five minutes or so she nursed me with her huge tits – I could feel some sweetness jetted through my tongue! While casually playing with my hard throbbing cock, she pushed me away saying that she had something else for me to suck on.
After pushing me back down my chair she took off her skirt, standing there in just a pair of red panties! Did you ever suck a black cunt? she asked softly. I shook my head – never!! She now quickly pulled down her panties exposing her jiggling fat thighs. I just watched her enormous ass cheeks on the edge of my table as she slowly spread her heavy thighs wide apart! This black slut literally had a thick bush of black hair covering her entire pussy. She now casually spread opened her engorged pussy lips apart with her fingers! OMG! I have never seen such a glistening deep pink inner cunt! She kept on teasing me… I eagerly leaned forward and felt waves of musky-earthy smell and quickly buried my mouth into her inviting full lips! I kept on slurp and lick the fat black pussy - my tongue ran along the slightly parted slip ending at her fat clit! While her breathing was becoming heavier I saw taking one of her heavy breasts and pulled a hard nipple into her own hot mouth! Oh, Holy Cow! She is sex mad as I was sex starved, I knew she was close. I quickly stood up and pushed hard in one go my hard cock into her over heated pussy!
She gasped. Fuck me with your white hot rod my boy! I retorted - I'll fuck your bushy cunt until you cum like a fucking black mom! She was thrusting back to every thrust of mine my thick cock worked in and out of her like a fucking machine, her cunt oozing thick juices with muffled squelching sound - so much liquid was within her cunt. Her heavy boobs bounced wildly on her plump belly … she gasped as I was plowing her deep and rough. My cock convulsed hard three or four times as incredible jets of hot cum shot into her engorged cunt! My throbbing cock shooting cum deep into her led to her pussy wall clutch hard around my hard cock as she reached body shattering orgasm squirting some pees.
Finally, as my legs felt weaker I moved back and collapsed into my chair while she fell back onto the desk with her legs still splayed wide apart and a trickle of warm mixed juices of ours oozing out of the tangled hairs of well fucked cunt! We both were spent, sweating and breathing deep…
I now love black pussies of all ages with their smell, color, warmth and all!!

1 month ago

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    • I fucked a black pussy once and it made all these pussy farts. Do they all do that???

    • No. That can happen to any chick any color any race any creed

    • They might have expelled air from within .... Quite normal for fat pussies!

    • Love this story and understand what you mean for enjoying a fat black woman. I was with this BBW Brazilian aged in her late 40s for the first time while visiting Rio. After a couple of tequilas at the bar she came to my room with me. She kissed me and moved her hand on my hard on over the boxer while I took off her blouse and unclasped her bra. Her ample boobs fall down on her fat stomach. I didn't waste any more time and put her on her back on the bed. She opened her thighs and I quickly opened her shaven pussy lips exposing her inner pink slit and started to lick the outer rim of her black cunt. She started to writhe as my tongue slowly pushed inside her thick lips. The pussy fluid felt pungent salty and bitter and the more I licked her the more it came oozing out. Her clitoris had swollen and came out on the top of her pussy. I parted her cunt lips and took the whole swollen clit in my mouth. I started to play with it in my mouth sucking it, biting it and licking it hard and I could see her breathing get heavier and heavier. I could see she was coming - started to whimpering hoarsely - daddy daddy do it do it .... just before she came she let out this loud scream and then she actually exploded squirting cum right on my face and I just couldn’t stop myself from licking it. Slowly her moaning subsided and she looked down at me and drew me towards her breasts and licked my lips. The rest of the night was all fucking her wet pussy hard and deep ....

    • There's a lady cleans my dad's house and I was floating in the pool and I yelled "BLAAAAAAAACK PUUUUSSSSYYYYY!" at her and lauged, and then later when I went in the house she beat my ass with a vacuum cleaner attachment-thing. I felt bad after cuz I wasn't trying to be demeaning or racist or anything, I dunno. The next time she came to clean I was gonna tell her this but she was drinking my dad's liquor and then she said "white boy eat my black pussy" and pushed my head down there. It was nasty! All big and flappy. I eat my girlfriend's pussy a lot but she's white and 16 and smells like violets, this lady smelled like tuna-in-a-armpit down there, but I ate like a champ and she moaned something crazy. I got hard but I was scared to pull it out cuz I figured she's used to 12" cocks like I see on porn. Still can't stop thinking how my white cum would look splattered on her black skin though!

    • Wow that was quite racist and ignorant. You guys pick the worst black females to fuck!.

    • Next time massage her fat pussy lips and when engorged enough suck on them, the clit will come out and massage it - soon she will cum all over your mouth. She will love to fuck with your hard cock... size will not matter.

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